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  • April 01, 2019

    "The Democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bulls***."
    -- Trump

    "Does not exonerate him."
    -- AG William Barr quoting as-yet-unreleased Mueller report

  • March 31, 2019

    -- percentage of Fox News viewers who think that Trump has accomplished more than any other president in history, according to a new survey

  • March 30, 2019

    "The Russia witch hunt was a plan by those who lost the election to try and illegally regain power by framing innocent Americans."
    -- Trump

    CBS Poll: "Majority of Americans Believe Russia Probe Was Politically Motivated."

    "Ha. No s***. Biggest witch-hunt and farce in the history of our republic."
    -- Donald Trump Jr.

    "They began an investigation based on a phony dossier that was created and written by associates of Hillary Clinton."
    -- Rush Limbaugh

    "This is going to drive our viewers nuts: The Trump investigation did not start with the FISA warrant and Carter Page and even the dossier. It started in June and July of 2016 when George Papadopoulos had spoken to a Russian agent and spoke to an Australian diplomat and said he had heard that they had information on -- dirt on -- Hillary Clinton. That's when the investigation started."
    -- Fox News host Chris Wallace

  • March 29, 2019

    "I've taken better care of Puerto Rico than any man ever...Puerto Rico has been taken care of better by Trump than by any living human being."
    -- Trump

    "If the bully gets close, I'll punch the bully in the mouth."
    -- Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Roselló on Trump

  • March 28, 2019

    "I want my mother and father to look at each other the way they look at Rachel Maddow."
    -- Romy Reiner, on her parents Rob and Michele

  • March 27, 2019

    "This was an illegal takedown that failed."
    -- Trump on Mueller investigation

    "This case is closed."
    -- House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy

    "The Fake News Media has lost tremendous credibility with its corrupt coverage of the illegal Democrat Witch Hunt of your all time favorite duly elected President, me!
    -- Trump

    "...Does not exonerate him."
    -- AG Barr quoting Mueller report


  • March 26, 2019

    "There are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, some bad things. I would say some treasonous things against our country... And hopefully people that have done such harm to our country... will be looked at. I've been looking at them for a long time... They lied to Congress, many of them. You know who they are."
    -- Trump

  • March 25, 2019

    "Does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him."
    -- Attorney General William Barr, quoting the Mueller report

    "Complete and Total EXONERATION."
    -- Trump on Mueller report

  • March 24, 2019

    "ISIS defeated! A really big deal. This is what happens when you let guys in the field do what is needed to win rather than let Obama's lawyer bureaucrats in D.C. call the shots. We've now understand full well how incompetent those bureaucrats really were on many levels."
    -- Donald Trump Jr. tweet

  • March 23, 2019

    "I had one of the greatest election victories in history. They came from the valleys, they came from the rivers, they came from the cities, they came from all over... And now we have a man... who is a deputy, who I don't know, who I don't know at all, and he appoints a man... to write a report on me, to make a determination on my presidency? People will not stand for it."
    -- Trump on Mueller report

    "You are a child in the most important role the world knows."
    -- Bridget McCain on Trump