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Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | May 27, 2018

A fortune-cookie commencement address is so Walden.

Margaret Delgatty | Vancouver, CANADA | May 25, 2018

Looking for a wedding chapel in a newspaper? How quaint! How do those internet-less days seem so recent, and yet so long ago?

TRUMP 2020
Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | May 20, 2018

Ooh! Trump 2020! More money to follow! Is "misc." like when Boss Tweed's Tammany Hall billed NYC $41,190.95 for "brooms, etc." (M. R. Werner, Tammany Hall, p. 166), or "a bill legalizing counterfeit money" (ibid. p. 177)? Both cited in Island of Vice: Theodore Roosevelt's Quest to Clean Up Sin-Loving New York. Or is it more like Nixon's slush fund, used to pay off the Watergate burglars?

Bobbie Herman | Fairfield, CT | May 19, 2018

I wonder how Sam feels watching the Royal Wedding. Well, she was half right -- the bride is American!

Cyrus B. | San Diego, CA | May 17, 2018

Faxes, media outlets, and “the tube”! The 1900s' version of Twitter now seems so cumbersome.

George | Jupiter, FL | May 16, 2018

Today's video,"Hocus Pocus" by Focus, is a brilliant political statement. The lyrics are still apropos even after 45 years.

Kepczlac Spelicek | Seattle, WA | May 14, 2018

 "I wish president would stop referring to himself as a 'witch.' It's undignified." Poisoned poniards! After decades of forging them, you still come up with a Hatori Hanso more often than not. You sir, are a frickin' National Treasure.

Amphibious | Donegal, IRELAND | May 10, 2018

The news of Ollie North getting the NRA top gig reminded me that Duke used to work for him.

Roger Davenport | Oceanside, CA | May 08, 2018

Re the next-to-last panel in Sunday's strip, about the "Wall" prototypes: We should stage a competition among engineering schools to find out how hard it is to develop devices and approaches to climb/defeat the prototypes. Something like the World Solar Challenge. The requirement might be that device be affordable to a refugee and enable a mother to get herself and three children, ages 3-10, over the wall without injury. Alternatively, with a 50-lb bag of drugs (but I wouldnt' really want to encourage that).

Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | May 07, 2018

Re Sunday's strip: As a former Peas Core Voluntir Inglish techur and student of siens, I wud laik to recomend the instructiv tail "Meihem in ce Klasrum," by Dolton Edwards, first published in 1946.

Ray Mote | Tallahassee, FL | May 04, 2018

Wow -- your 27 April toon ("I am woman"...) gave me a real belly laugh. I normally wonder what alternate universe you're in, but that one was funny as hell. Good thing I read the strip daily, "just in case."

Liz Fuller-Wright | Princeton, NJ | April 30, 2018

I'm so thrilled that you are having Mel run for Congress. Brilliant move, GBT!

Travelguy | Winfield, IL | April 23, 2018

As an evangelical who did not vote for our current president, it mystifies me as to what those brothers and sisters in Christ saw in the person they voted for. You were right on in identifying the hypocrisy of it.

Jocelyn Burrell | Bronx, NY | April 23, 2018

Today's "Uptown Funk" video is the perfect blend of current beats and nostalgia. It's the best!

Jahn Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | April 23, 2018

I was sorry to see my fellow, usually high-minded, secular cartoonist take the low road this Sunday. I know and work with Evangelicals. To a man (and woman) their standards exceed mine. They are civil, respectful, and otherwise behave with integrity -- much like the usual Doonesbury characters. It's unfair (and likely to be broadly inaccurate) to stain millions in such an extreme and cynical fashion.

Jean Benthien | San Deigo, CO | April 23, 2018

As a follower of Jesus Christ who once called herself an evangelical Christian, now a Christian -- your Sunday cartoon editorial was right on the mark. Thank you so much. So sad yet so true.

Judy Bjorkman | Owego, NY | April 23, 2018

Thank you so much for the fabulous Sunday strip on the changing values of evangelicals. It says everything I've been thinking on this topic, but so much more compactly. Blessings upon you! 

Mr. Dale Wagner | Springville, CA | April 23, 2018

Re Sunday's strip: Thank you, thank you, thank you. GBT, you see things as they really are.

Amphibious | Donegal, IRELAND | April 23, 2018

So many responses to Sunday's page... It was the final panel that said it all. Jus' giving 'em what they want!

Melinda Capozza | Huntington, IN | April 23, 2018

Sunday's strip: Right on, Garry. And on target, I hasten to add. I may be a flaming liberal left over from the '70s, but I have a code of conduct that is much more stringent than that of some who call themselves good Christians.