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    Don | Sarasota, FL | August 26, 2018

    To satirize President Trump and his deficiencies is one thing, but it’s quite another to daydream about using “re-education camps” to retrain “former Trump voters." Such camps were the chosen approach of the Communists in Russia, Cambodia, and other totalitarian states, and are in use in North Korea today. If your preference is “retraining” instead of dialogue, you apparently believe that everything a Trump supporter thinks is wrong. What’s next: a Final Solution to the “deplorables” problem?


    Julia | Adelaide, AUSTRALIA | August 25, 2018

    In Roland Hedley's tweet about an "official portrait," I wonder why Trump is wearing a cricket sweater? The U.S. doesn't even play cricket (much).


    Karen | Alberta, CANADA | August 24, 2018

    It finally happened! On the Flashbacks page I finally got to read the strip from 45 years ago today, where we are first introduced to our beloved Alice. I wonder how she's doing these days.


    S.B.N. | Newtown Square, PA | August 23, 2018

    Re. Roland's latest tweet: The difference between the two witchhunts is that Bubba sparred with his hunters over the meaning of "the" while Individual One admitted to a Fox reporter that he committed a felony.


    Steve Miracle | Wadsworth, OH | August 22, 2018

    I got up this morning, plugged in my electric guitar, turned on my drum machine, played and sang "Listen to the Music" in it's entirety (practicing for gigs this weekend). Then, lo and behold, the song is featured today on A Miracle!


    Claudia | Dryden, NY | August 19, 2018

    I was wondering when Duke would make an appearance! He and his new doppelganger are a perfect fit for the Trump years and I couldn't figure out why they weren't already embedded in the administration. I was starting to worry! Trump should make an exception for Duke. He will never appear on Fox -- he likes to work behind the scenes, sowing mayhem as he goes. It seems to me that Trump Chaos + Duke Mayhem = an endless supply of comedy. And we need comedy these days. We depend on it.


    Pete | Hillsdale, NJ | August 16, 2018

    The 30-years-ago-today Flashback strip depicts scare tactics being used to warn the public about liberals, in this case, Dukakis. No wonder I'm having deja vu.

  • RE: "SID"

    Edwin | Calgary, CANADA | August 16, 2018

    ...And the cost of a car phone at that time was upwards of $4,000.00. They became such a status symbol that you could buy a fake one for $40.00 and cruise Rodeo Drive pretending you were having a serious conversation on your phone -- all for show, to impress anyone who might be watching.

  • SID

    Jen Hamilton | Philadelphia, PA | August 14, 2018

    Re. this week's Classic strips from 1990, with Sid talking on his phone while he's driving: readers under age 35 or so will have no idea how much of a status indicator that phone was. Cellular phones were just starting to be introduced and the technology, which required a dedicated frequency for each phone, had a strictly limited number of users in a given area. Would-be users spent years on waiting lists to get a phone, which was then so expensive to use that conversations would be limited to "Where's the problem? -- I'm on my way." This strip appeared just at the edge of the introduction of the first 1G cellular systems, whose wait times and cost-per-minute were merely stratospheric, not astronomical.


    Don Schmidt | Grass Valley, C | August 12, 2018

    Today's strip was the best Doonesbury strip I think I've ever read! Thank you for this -- it just sums up all the current craziness.


    Katherine DeBruce | Mission Hills, KS | August 12, 2018

    This week's Sunday strip is one of the best ever.


    Karen L. Hale | San Diego, C | August 12, 2018

    Excellent strip today. Once again Garry hits the nail on the head. Republicans should be hanging their heads down in shame. This is definitely not the party of Lincoln.


    Macque Rudominer | Fresno, CA | August 12, 2018

    Outstanding comic strip today. I have forwarded it to many of my friends. Love what you do. I suggest you forward this one to the DNC to give them some material to use to help during midterms. Well done!


    Patrick Martin | Moorpark, CA | August 12, 2018

    Nailed it again! Another Trudeau classic. Thank you for the constructive criticism.


    Keith Latham | Melbourne, AUSTRALIA | August 12, 2018

    Todays video -- Playing For Change's version of the Grateful Dead's "Ripple" -- is great. P4C has lots of really great artists from all around the world and contributes to music education in Third World nations. A personal favorite is Genevieve Chadwick from Australia, but the breadth of styles and cultures in the project is breathtaking. I strongly recommend people visit their site to learn more, and watch out for their touring band at a music festival near you! I give them an 11 out of 10.


    Cheryl Lannoye | Indianola, WA | August 12, 2018

    Today's Doonesbury made my day!!!! Thanks, Garry Trudeau.


    Toni Ferrara | Long Beach, CA | August 12, 2018

    Today’s strip is absolutely the best one yet, right on target and hysterical. So very funny and, sadly, so very true .


    John Cloutier | Tampas, FL | August 12, 2018

    Today's strip: Right on! I think you got it exactly right. The Republicans are off the rails!


    Jeff Tashman | Guanajuato, MEXICO | August 12, 2018

    "I don't like where this is heading." -- Great strip today.


    David Derbes | Chicago, IL | August 12, 2018

    Every Sunday I wake up hoping for GBT to deliver a punch against this horrid regime. This was a solid uppercut, as good as any I've seen since 1973, when I began reading the strip. Thanks.