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Hanna Brown | New York, NY | October 26, 2015

Thanks for a great 45 years! I was introduced to Doonesbury when I was a kid in New York City, and my babysitter, who was from Long Island, would bring a week's worth back from visits to her parents, who subscribed to Newsday. At first I identified with the kids, and now, well, with the older people. Thanks again for so many wonderful laughs, touching moments, and wonderful commentary that taught me so much.

Robert de Vos | Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA | October 26, 2015

You take on society and especially politics is superb. May you continue for many years to come!

Cindy Talmadge | Chicago, IL | October 26, 2015

Thanks for 45 great years! It has been an enormous pleasure following the Doonesbury family, even as the woman seem to be aging faster than the men.

Ray Lampe | Templeton, MA | October 26, 2015

Although I didn't know the anniversary date, I've known for years that GBT has been keeping the flame of graphic historical humor burning bright. I would regret the fact I only became aware of it a dozen or so years ago via the Internet, except that the treasure of the Doones oeuvre is intact and searchable. So I have become a full member of the chorus, heaping well-deserved praise on Garry and the team, including recently, the Washington Post. The enriching experience daily and especially Sunday makes me feel smarter every day at 80.

Walter | Portland, OR | October 26, 2015

Back in 2000-2001, between stints in grad school, I had a temp job at a medical school that was going through a routine accreditation process. I'd been hired to help organize some of the necessary paperwork. After about a week and a half I had everything sorted but no one (especially my boss) wanted to admit that hiring me hadn't really been necessary, so they just kept saying what a great job I was doing, despite the fact that days would go by without anything coming across my desk. It was about a month into this that I decided to read every Doonesbury. I started at the beginning and worked my way forward. I'd read plenty before, but going through a hundred at a time was different; I began to feel connected to the characters and their bizarre universe. It was a blast. Congratulations on such a long and successful run!

J. Granzow | Oak Creek, WI | October 26, 2015

At 58, I look back on decades of Doonesbury with great fondness. It was my daily bread for a lot of years, in my late teens and 20s. Marriage, and the lack of a good daily paper, led me in other directions, but for a loooong time your strip was my touchstone to politics, social and cultural issues, family matters, and so much more, all tinged with some of the funniest observations I've ever had the pleasure of reading; they often taught me I wasn't nearly as weird as I thought I was. All the best, for many more years. Thanks for nearly a half-century of laughter and thought-provoking insights.

Richard Hutt | Oak Park, IL | October 26, 2015

Forty five years? Heck, I have guitars older than that! Seriously, keep up this marvelous work. I never miss a day.

Kerry | COLORADO | October 26, 2015

Thanks for keeping me sane in college and driving me closer to insanity in my old age. Happy birthday.

Georgia | Tucson, AZ | October 26, 2015

You have been with me longer than my husband, and have given me intense humor, consolation, knowledge, and satisfaction through all the years. Keep it up, Garry! We need more Alpha House. We need more Doonesbury!

Fiona | North Wales, UK | October 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to The Doonster! I may not share your continent, or indeed your politics, but you have made this God-believing, somewhat-right-of-centre Brit smile, and very often laugh, since I was 15 years old. Thank you.

Maggi Lunde | Chicago, IL | October 26, 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the years of enjoyment and saying things that needed to be said. I am looking forward for man more years of the same.

Robin | Port Richey, FL | October 26, 2015

I cannot believe it's been 45 years! It seems like only yesterday Mike was meeting B.D. and Zonker on the field. Then again, it seems like Doonesbury has always been a part of my life. It is also hard to believe that so many of the politically oriented strips are just as topical in 2015 as they were in 1970.

Frank M. Hansen | Los Angeles, CA | October 26, 2015

Doonesbury stands as a legitimate historical look at 45 years, and it will be studied for years to come. I only wish I knew how you have been able to put together four panels time and time again with the perfect mix of social commentary, inner truth, and humor without being dipping into negativity, because you are a master at it.Thank you so much for what you do.

B. Szaton | Park Forest, IL | October 26, 2015

You got me through two Bush administations -- no small feat, for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you for your wit and wisdom. If you didn't vote them in at least you can laugh at them.

Paul Gregory | Marietta, GA | October 26, 2015

Having followed Doonesbury from the very beginning, I have been amazed at your energy and ability to maintain your level of excellence. Thanks for entertaining me all this time.

Paul Jones | Saint John, CANADA | October 26, 2015

Wow. Forty-five years of the strip and it's still as fresh as it was back when B.D. got the "wrong" roomie.

Casey "Crash" Lake | Portland, OR | October 26, 2015

It has been an honor to have been reading your strips for so long. I started when I was 15 and now I'm 59. Michael's roommate was my favorite character because as a college football player he represented everything I hated about college athletes. I've been hooked ever since on all the characters in Doonesbury. I have all of the large format collection books and the 40th anniversary book. Thank you for 45 years of enjoyment and I hope to keep reading your strip for many more years.

Rick Jones, Fan for Life | Reseda, CA | October 26, 2015

Just a note to say Happy 45. In 1977 I enlisted in the U.S. Army right out of high school. My enlistment took me to Germany, where it was impossible to find the daily Doonesbury comic strip. I told this to my father, who was also a huge fan, and his solution to my problem was this: he would cut the strip from the newspaper every day, and every couple of months or so I would get a care package with all the strips. Dad kept this up for the entire two-and-a-half years I was overseas. (Thanks, Dad.) And thank you Garry and all your staff past and present for a job well done.

Brian Finan | Dublin, IRELAND | October 26, 2015

Forty-five years ago? Holy moly... Happy anniversary!

Roy Ellingsen | Ossining, NY | October 26, 2015

Ever since that day I opened the paper and discovered Doonesbury for the first time, I was hooked. I knew this was something special. There is no other strip that even comes close for honesty, accuracy, and generous helpings of marvelously biting sarcasm. I appreciate how you've aged the characters and brought in new ones, all while being miraculously in perfect synch with the times. I pray you good health and look forward to seeing where you go. I understand the need for time away and other projects, I know it helps keep you fresh. So do whatever you have to do. You write it, I'll read it!