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Susan Rockwell | Interlachen, FL | January 29, 2018

Just recently I was wondering how long it had been since we saw Honey Huan. Sunday's strip made my day.

Kerry Killingsworth | Auburn, AL | January 28, 2018

Today's Honey strip reminds me of the time she told Chairman Mao that the Great Wall had been completely disassembled and then rebuilt in a day. Our administration needs people like this.

Michael | Questa, NM | January 28, 2018

I'm so glad that after all these years of blind dedication to Duke, in this Sunday's strip Honey now has a bureaucratic position, making use of her considerable talents. Too bad she had to return to China to find her niche. We could have used her.

Nikki Longaker | Binghamton, NY | January 28, 2018

Has this older, wiser Honey finally outgrown her passion for Duke -- or is she still susceptible? And might he have a place in the Trump administration?

Patti H. | Rome, NY | January 28, 2018

Okay, can I be the first to say it? Holy Heck! When was the last time we saw Honey? Did we know she was back in China? What a great way and appropriate time to bring her back.

James Hogg | London, UK | January 27, 2018

I wish we had on this side of the Atlantic commentators and cartoonists with your wit and acuity -- half as much would do. Your facility for the mot juste never ceases to amaze me.

Julia | Adelaide, AUSTRALIA | January 27, 2018

The growing convergence between The Strip and the media reports of the President's words is disheartening. Eventually the two must collide in some kind of Doomsday cataclysm.

Brian Corby | New York, NY | January 26, 2018

I just caught up on the Sunday strips for the past few months; still brilliant, still funny, still relevant. Thanks for, literally, a lifetime of enjoyment. I started reading in 1973 when I was 10, as Doonesbury was light years ahead of the other comics of the day in terms of the only metric that mattered then, funny. I write now to recommend a book you may find meaningful. David Deutsch's The Beginning of Infinity. Any attempt on my part to summarize this work will fail, but here is David Albert's review in the NY Times Book Review from 2011.

Jim Milstein | Pagosa Springs, CO | January 25, 2018

It's hard to imagine the present Mr. Trump being as articulate as he is in this week's series of Classic 1990 strips. Brain rot.

D. Mitchell | Peoria, IL | January 23, 2018

Re Trump's golf game, the portrayal in Sunday's strip is supported by this 2017 Sports Illustrated article. "Trump will sometimes respond to a shot he duffed by simply playing a second ball and carrying on as if the first shot never happened. In the parlance of the game, Trump takes floating mulligans, usually more than one during a round. Because of them it is impossible to say what he has actually shot on any given day, according to 18 people who have teed it up with Trump over the last decade, including SI senior writer Michael Bamberger, who has done so nine times."

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | January 23, 2018

Regarding this past Sunday's strip, the president may well have spent his entire first year playing golf, but according to this piece in Golf Digest he has the best game of any president living or dead. So DJT is unlikely to have taken 500 mulligans or to have missed a putt by five feet. GBT rarely misses the mark. In this case, the president would likely offer him a do-over.

Susan Gutterman | New York, NY | January 22, 2018

The Vanity Fair article from 1990 was a fabulous read!

D. Howard | Hoboken, NJ | January 22, 2018

As a longtime Trump observer, today's Donald and Ivana strip from the 90s is giving me a flashback of my own -- to this.

Richard Thomas | Duluth, MN | January 18, 2018

Huh. The self-esteem report is real!

Richard and Donna Sutton | Leawood, KS | January 16, 2018
Thanks for many years of laughs and pertinent, timely dialogue (even the reruns!). We're fortunate to still see your daily and Sunday strips in our ever-diminishing local newspaper, the Kansas City Star. These days especially, I look forward to your new Sunday contributions. I know you're younger than my 83 years, and I hope to benefit from your insight for the rest of mine. Please keep up your excellent work!
Yavni | Jerusalem, ISRAEL | January 14, 2018

I am a big fan of the comic; I think it is almost always on point, funny, acute and truthful. But today's strip feels like a big mistake. As is often the case, you manage to include multiple jokes simultaneously, but in this case, the punchlines are punching in the wrong direction. One joke is "Ha ha, we men need to get a notarized letter these days to be in the clear, amirite!", while the truth is that it is still, perversely, far harder for an accuser to be taken seriously than an accused. Another joke is "Ha ha, the women are supposedly reassuring Mike, but actually, they are insulting him for not being manly (enough to be a sexual abuser)!" Which seems to me to be saying that men who would never sexually abuse women are laughable, are poor excuses for men. Additionally, the comic enables (though perhaps not reinforces) the trope of the nerdy guy as being deserving of nothing other than pity and laughs for doing what he can to get access to women. (See "The Adorkable Misogyny of 'The Big Bang Theory.'")

Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | January 14, 2018

Poor Mike. "Inoffensive." (Well, not counting Mr. Butts.) Now B.D., there's a character who's doing good work, but with a vulnerable history.

Vivian Borger | Sarasota, FL | January 13, 2018

I just want to thank Mr. Trudeau for his insightful comments/comics on the issues of the day. I'm a long-time reader, and I'm delighted that the genius behind Doonesbury continues to thrive. Long may your pen reign!

Raymond Lee Schimmel | Chico, CA | January 10, 2018

I just want Mr. Trudeau to know that I very much appreciate his attention to detail. This past Sunday's strip was a great example. Showing the fake Trump Time cover on his desk and the picture on the wall, of steam shovel, oil derricks etc., was a stroke of genius. Keep it up! (And Jane Pauley is doing a great job for CBS Sunday Morning.)

Barb B. | Bend, OR | January 07, 2018

Even the landscape painting in the Oval Office is suffering from Trump's coal mining and oil drilling.