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Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | December 18, 2017

Re Sunday's "Gerry Mander" strip: There's also a real person named Jerry Mander, a former advertising writer who had an epiphany and turned against advertising, then (many forms of) technology, then capitalism. His best-known book is Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, published in 1978. So, you know, a good guy, unlike the character in the cartoon.

Tom O'Neill | Pennington, NJ | December 18, 2017

As an avid follower of Prince Valiant since before I could read, I enjoyed your NYTBR appreciation of "Cartoon County." And, of course, your work. Thanks.

Adele | Nova Scotia, CANADA | December 17, 2017

A new character! Welcome, Jerry Mander -- I can't wait to see you in action. Don't trip over all your arms and legs and fingers and toes! (And, as a Canadian, I am so happy to be unmemorable...)

Kathy Koci | Ridley Park, PA | December 17, 2017

Hubby and I so enjoy and appreciate the Sunday funnies these days! We are quite fortunate to be the birth recipients of white privilege and cognizant enough to recognize it. Today's Jimmy Crow cartoon is our favorite/most hated. As Pennylvanians living in the 7th Congressional district -- you nailed it. Resist!

Sparky Hudson | Toronto, CANADA | December 17, 2017

To those Canadian readers who took umbrage at our characterization as "unmemorable" in last Sunday's strip, I believe it was Zipper and Jeff who were the butt of GBT's humor, not Canadians. In fact, the cartoonist is descended from a French Canadian, Etienne Truteau, who also happens to be an ancestor of our current PM.

Richard Hart | Luton, ENGLAND | December 16, 2017

This weeks Marcia story is one of the saddest things I have read in Doonesbury in a long time. She is so deluded about her "prestigious" purchase, which has brought nothing but misery upon everything connected with it including, of course, her. Which reminds me of the way many men treat women. It's the same stupid and pointless dynamic. They think it's in some way impressive to treat women as if they are a product that will look good on their arm and they just end up hating themselves and being (rightly) vilified by society. Methinks it's time for change.

Freda L. | Toronto, CANADA | December 14, 2017

Blatant American envy is a horrible thing to see.

Margaret Delgatty | Vancouver, CANADA | December 12, 2017

Sunday's strip gave me the best LOL I've had in a week. Some of us Canadians appreciate droll irony. And aren't most stereotypes based in some measure of truth?

June Malchoff | Desert Hot Springs, CA | December 11, 2017

I am a Canadian snowbird who has always been amused by your cartoons, but I was offended by Zipper's comment about Canadian people being unmemorable in Sunday's Russia strip. I am proud to be a Canadian and enjoy the privilege of being able to spend time in your country, but perhaps it is time to take our unmemorable money home and spend it in our own country when you appear to think so poorly of us.

Tim Morton | Leicester, UK | December 11, 2017

Here's a story from The Guardian that I think Zonker and Zipper should be made aware of: "How Uruguay Made Legal Highs Work."

Christal | Helena, MT | December 09, 2017

I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have liked to see Friday's 1989 Classic strip revised so that Marilou was the one going to the Bahamas (in a Stella Gets Her Groove On move).

Aspasia | Chicago, IL | December 09, 2017

I had forgotten what a rat Phil was...

Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | December 06, 2017

Zonker was right in the 40-years-ago-today Flashback strip. The haters are finally up against the ceilings they have tried to protect for so long, and falling down splat in ever-increasing numbers. The glass ceiling for women, and ceilings for minorities, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTs, students, teachers, scientists, workers -- and the ceiling between the rich-and-powerful and the haters themselves, whom they work so hard to keep riled up against all the rest of us.

Lark | Littleton, MA | December 06, 2017

Roland is spot on with his tweet about the Trump Embassy Suites. Especially the "stone's throw" location. Ha!

Sally | Henderson, NV | December 06, 2017

Just so you don't have to research it: The book with metal covers that Alex is looking at in the 25-years-ago-today strip must be Sex, by Madonna. Originally $50.00, copies are now offered on eBay and Amazon for a bit more. My education continues...

Don | Spring Mills, PA | December 06, 2017

A 900 number! I had quite forgotten about those. Another one of those things that a younger person wouldn't know about.

Graeme Roberts | Birmingham, UK | December 03, 2017

The 10-years-ago-today-strip... I've been working up to it with a lump in my throat, for the second or third time. Upside of the IED; one of the strip’s most likeable characters, and a side of B.D. I didn’t think he was capable of.

Rod Paynter | Powell River, CANADA | December 02, 2017

In today's Classic strip from 1989, Mark appears to have his hand up Gail's sleeve. No wonder he's looking smug!

Keith Larson | Escondido, CA | December 02, 2017

In the strip, society seems so orderly and organized, unlike the chaos of the real world under Trump. Can I come live there please?

Donna Christopher | Lucerne, CA | November 30, 2017

Roland's "Dibs on his office (after steam cleaning)" is quite an appropriate little gem considering all the boorish behavior exhibited by our "leadership," in Washington and elsewhere, that has recently come to light.