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    Sara Manela | Eugene, OR | December 04, 2010

    This week's strip has been the best Hanukkah present a Wes alum could ask for. Thanks for throwing your hat into the ring on this attempt to control a unique student culture!


    M. Nathan | Madison, WI | December 04, 2010

    As a reality check to the controversy at Wesleyan I'd like to mention that for decades the University of Colorado at Boulder (a bastion of vegetarianism) celebrated "Alfred Packer Day" in commemoration of the infamous cannibal who allegedly ate members of the party of prospectors he was hired by. Though the holiday ended, there is still a campus grill in his honor. Eat that, President Roth!


    Michael McClure | Ukiah, CA | December 04, 2010

    I have Long been a Doonsbury fan; the first thing I do in the morning is dial up the strip. A couple of years ago I had to spend a couple off weeks in the VA hospital in Walla Walla, WA. After a few days there I went looking for the library to access a computer and ketch up on back strips. After getting permission to use the computer, to my dismay I discovered that they were editing the Doonesbury strip and not allowing the patients to access it. I was really appalled.


    Duke's Illegitimate Son, IV | Lawrence, KS | December 04, 2010

    I am 40 years old and I remember first finding Doonesbury in a library when I was 12 years old. I have been hooked ever since. Thank you!


    Tammi J. | Lexington, KY | December 04, 2010

    I have been reading Doonesbury since my early college days in 1976. At present, it is the only one I endeavor to read every day, and you are bookmarked in my favorites. I have visited Wesleyan's campus, having been involved on a brief basis with them years ago, so I am somewhat familiar. The current series is awesome, and I hope this Roth guy comes to his senses. Of all the horrific things in this world to be concerned about, he's afraid of a way the students and faculty blow off steam and have fun. Geez Louise, get over it! Rock on, Trudeau!


    Stafford Smith | Grand Rapids, MI | December 03, 2010

    Some of my best memories at Wesleyan are from Zonker Harris Day back in the 80s. Thanks for hilarious strip. I hope it strikes the appropriate nerves.


    Julie Shapiro | Seattle, WA | December 03, 2010

    I'm yet another proud Wesleyan alum delighted to see you riding to the rescue of the sorts of traditions that make Wesleyan so special. Thanks for lending you talents. And the 40 year book is terrific.


    Stephen Morison | Amman, Jordan | December 03, 2010

    Thanks for the support of Zonker Harris Day and Uncle Duke Day. Wesleyan, a place that makes more teachers and aid workers than investment analysts, has always been more important than its reputation or ranking.


    Kat | Baltimore, MD | December 03, 2010

    As a freshly minted Wes alum, this strip brings sunshine to my heart! Despite the administration-forced name change, students still call the holidays by their rightful names. Zonker lives on!


    David Block | Brooklyn, NY | December 03, 2010

    President Roth was actually a Senior when I was a Freshman at Wesleyan and we inaugurated Zonker Harris Day back in the spring of 1978. I don't remember him complaining about it then. I wrote you to invite you to come to campus to celebrate with us. For weeks I waited for a reply. The joke in my dorm was that I was "Waiting for Trudeau." Finally, a handwritten letter arrived on fancy Doonesbury stationary: "Sorry I can't make it to your Zonker Day. Both Z and I are flattered by your choice of theme." Sorry you couldn't join us then. Thanks for the note, and thanks for taking this on.


    Christopher Lane | Eden Prairie, MN | December 03, 2010

    I want to congratulate you on 40 very fine years.  I have an autographed print of the first Sunday strip after you returned during the Reagan Years. We met c. 1992 at the Great Doonesbury Sell-Out in the Bay Area. I still have the Club Scud ashtray (a bit worn I am afraid to say). Here's to 40 more!


    Wesfac | Middletown, CT | December 02, 2010

    I am a Wesleyan faculty member and have found the recent strips hilarious. Maybe Toggle (the best new character in years) can apply via the Military Veterans Endowed Scholarship Fund at Wesleyan University.


    Jeff Wong | Cambridge, MA | December 02, 2010

    As a Wesleyan alum, I just want to say great work Mr. Trudeau! I was at Wesleyan when the administration censored the names of Zonker Harris Day and Duke Day. This response has been hilarious and greatly needed. I can't wait to read tomorrow's strip.


    Maren Roush | Pinckney, MI | December 02, 2010

    I'm loving the coverage of Zonker Day and Duke Day. I attended Wesleyan in the late 80s/early 90s and lived in West College (sponsor of the events) my first two years. Oh, the memories... Thanks!


    Roberta Gold | New York, NY | December 02, 2010

    Thank you, thank you, for putting the heat on Wesleyan's administrators and their neo-Comstockian campaign to eradicate the great Zonker and Duke Day celebrations. As a Wes alum I've always been proud of those sacred traditions (even though I did not partake of all the associated condiments when I was a student). President Roth's attack on the days' names out of concern for the "image" they promote is an embarrassment to all of us. Who is he trying to impress -- the graduate admissions committee at Brigham Young? Thank you again and keep up the great and timely series.

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    William Johnston | Middletown, CT | December 02, 2010

    Congratulations indeed on your 40 years. I've been starting my day with Doonesbury since I was a kid in Wyoming, and always look forward to where the story line is going next. So I was greatly amused to find Wes this week's subject. But this isn't the first time for Wesleyan to appear by name. If my memory serves me correctly, about ten or twelve years ago in a Sunday strip, a psychotropically adjusted partier at a Yale graduation event was told he was actually looking for the Wesleyan fete, just up the road. In any event, bravo for all the fun. I wondered how Mr. Trudeau would skewer President Obama, and thought he has done a great job. I never dreamed he also would skewer President Roth!


    B.J. Witkin | Morrisville, NC | December 01, 2010

    Congratulations on 40 years of wonderful entertainment, commentary, and insight. I'm "only" 42 years old and thus couldn't have read the strip from the beginning. But years ago I discovered your site and the archives and during my boring days at work I set out to read every single strip. I haven't made it yet, but I still make the site a daily stop and every once in a while I'll pick up where I left off last time. Thanks for making my work day a little more bearable!


    Lee Mays | Madrid, SPAIN | December 01, 2010

    When you started the strip, I was 14. My older sister was staying with us while her husband was stationed in Vietnam. My family couldn´t understand why I laughed hysterically at Doonesbury and insisted on reading it out loud to them. They didn't get it. Looking back, that daily encounter over many years with the "right" molded me into the liberal (American definition) I am. Thanks for 40 years of work. I hope you have a plan to keep this alive another 40 years.


    Mark Brickley | Carpinteria, CA | December 01, 2010

    Doonesbury is the "psychedelic frosting" on my daily LA Times breakfast. Since Prop 19 (pot) failed here in CA, I bet Zonker's bummed...


    D2 | Haverford, PA | December 01, 2010

    It's a fine day in America when the most trusted news source for the under-35 generation is "The Daily Show," and the most trusted news source for old eggheads is "Doonesbury." A fine day indeed.