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    Bernard | Washington, D.C. | December 13, 2010

    "Mom? I want to come home." Could Jeff have finally learned his lesson and be ready to leave his fantasy life and join the real world? Jeff might have a future as a writer of thrillers, with his proven ability to write fiction and his experience in the CIA, Iraq, and Afghanistan. That's how Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, got started. But please -- no Jeff and Melissa, okay? Melissa, who has recovered from command rape and become a leader in her own right, deserves so much better than Jeff and his on-line fantasies.


    Jamie | Jackson, MS | December 13, 2010

    I like Melissa. I want her to succeed. Please don't let her fall into the trap so many women who are trauma survivors tumble into: finding solace with some sub-par doofus of a guy. Jeff Redfern doesn't deserve a gem like her, and she sure as hell doesn't deserve a headache like him.


    Enrique Victor Pujals | San Juan, PUERTO RICO | December 12, 2010

    Maybe Jeff needs to go through a real training program to see if he is cut out for the reality of his fantasies. To me he is like Don Quixote, only he is young and can actually go out and try to prove himself. There is only one way to reconcile fantasy and reality, and that's starting at the bottom; real basic training to be able to carry out all those fantastic stunts. Otherwise, it's just a case of "it might have been." He certainly talks the talk, but it's time to walk the walk -- and for that a true mentor who knows is needed.


    John Byler | Harvard, MA | December 12, 2010

    My wife had lunch with her literary hero, poet laureate Richard Wilbur, and was riding very high that day. Our son Will called me into the TV room and said "You'll never guess who Colbert is interviewing." I couldn't guess. He told me, and I said, "The famously reclusive Garry Trudeau? No way!" I have all his books, and when Colbert showed the intricate chart of D'bury personnel I said, "I can tell you who all of them are. Garry Trudeau is my Richard Wilbur." This actually happened.


    Treva Obbard | CALIFORNIA | December 11, 2010

    I resent the comment about Zipper working in a cubicle. Zonker was basically Zipper, back in his college days, and now he has a reliable career as a nanny and Viscount. At least until Sam goes to college.


    Paul Hawkins | Wooster, OH | December 11, 2010

    Great googly-moogly! Doonesbury has become the must read section of my paper again! Awesomeness has just gushed forth.  Will Jeff's adventure turn into a NY Times bestseller? Will Mel's unit save the day, or will Jeff run into Nichole in that Afghan cave?! Oh Nichole, where art thou?!


    Richard | Duluth, MN | December 11, 2010

    Mr. Overkill is the real idiot, for handing over $50M to a kid.


    A.K. Dogman | Anchorage, AK | December 10, 2010

    I wonder if Jeff will ever succumb to reality, or if the Red Rascal is (like Walter Mitty) just a character in a long dream with no connection to reality. If Jeff were actually in Afghanistan I'm sure the Taliban would have issued a reward, and within a week he would either be dead or undergoing torture. In short, Jeff needs a real-life job. If necessary, in a sea of cubicles, or as a work person like an electrician, or with schooling as an engineer who makes things work. The latter is an unlikely scenario as it requires four years of real study, and four more years of (often dull) experience in real life work to be a success. The same advice goes for Zipper Harris, who will awake some morning as a 65-year-old hippie street person on the edge of Walden Colege, drinking Thunderbird without even a loyal dog to befriend him.


    James Bailey | Phoenix, AZ | December 09, 2010

    Awesome! Today's cartoon was the epitome of irony, given that the Red Rascal's exploits have been written by a person who is obviously a fine judge of justice (taking from the evil and giving to the poor). Of course, the "evil" in his stories is the Taliban but in real life (well, cartoon real life) he actually took money from the real evil in Afghanistan, the USA (a foreign invader whose country was never threatened by Afghanistan) and gave it to an anonymous Afghan (we don't know yet to what use that person will put the money) representing the average Afghan, wily and cunning after 3,000 years of dealing with occupiers. This strip could also be seen as an homage to the great 1960s TV series Get Smart. Mr. Overkill is sure a lot like Mr. Big, who was a dwarf after all. And KAOS was a Delaware corporation -- you know, for tax purposes. I'm waiting with unbridled excitement to learn the fate of Mr. Big -- Mr. Overkill -- when his contract gets cancelled.


    Cindyash | Phoenix, AZ | December 09, 2010

    Um, in today's strip, did Jeff try to commit suicide? Or is this really something being dreamed up by Jeff in his parents' house, soon become a best-selling graphic novel? Mmmm. Maybe Jeff does have some of Rick's writing genes. As for REALITY CHECK -- back in college I visited a friend attending school in Boulder, and she took me to the Alfred Packer Memorial Grill -- in synch with their motto: "Have a friend for lunch." I think I still have the t-shirt that says, "Keep an eye on your thighs." Glad to hear it's still going strong.


    T.B. | Historic Macoupin County, IL | December 07, 2010

    The Red Rascal is in beaucoup dinky dau, I think. As for "REALITY CHECK" --  I grew up in Denver, and well remember "Alfred Packer Day." They used to play a song about him on the Top 40 radio station.


    Joseph Lenchner | Corralitos, CA | December 07, 2010

    Nice to see GBT out of his cave, and on The Colbert Report.


    Valerie F. | San Diego, CA | December 06, 2010

    Two things: 1) Toggle is one of the most fabulous featured characters in a long time, and I'm digging the focus on the relationship between him and my favorite brilliant, adorable, neurotic nut case, the sweet Alex. Kudos.

    2) Thank you for always, always, always being there and on point for us for 40 terrific years. Please don't even think about retiring soon. I just had a garage sale where I got rid of loads of books (I'm just a little compulsive about books), but the Doonesbury collections were all in the "save" pile. I don't take a paper any more, but I always check in on five strips online: Candorville, Frazz, 9 Chickweed Lane, Pooch Cafe, and I save you for last. Hugs and kisses from your fan since the beginning. Go Zonker, you've got Pres. Roth on the run!


    Kathy Koons | Oviedo, FL | December 05, 2010

    I was glad I could read today's strip on the site: The Orlando Sentinel didn't print the first two panels, and they are terrific. I also want to thank you for and congratulate you on 40 terrific years. I've been reading the strip since it first appeared in the newspaper, own all the books (including the new Retrospective) and even remember the musical on Broadway. I am a most grateful and avid fan!


    Martin Snapp | Berkeley, CA | December 05, 2010

    I wonder if President Roth has considered that for every good prospect who will be reassured by his dumb move, there are ten who will be turned off. I happen to know one: She gets straight A's, is captain of her soccer team, a talented musician and an all-around great kid. And she's decided not to apply to Wesleyan because of this. Nice going, Mr. Roth!

  • WOW

    J.M. | Washington, D.C. | December 05, 2010

    Wow. Your Doonesbury funny in today's paper was eerily like Joseph David Osman's new book on Afghanistan; Surrender to Kindness: One Man's Epic Journey for Love and Peace.


    Ethan | Brooklyn, NY | December 05, 2010

    I love Doonesbury, but today's episode of the adventures of the "Red Rascal" definitely tipped over into racism. You should read Orientalism, by Edward Said.


    Sua | Middletown, CT | December 05, 2010

    There's a rumor afoot that President Roth is actually Matt Frewer. (What would Matt do?)


    Wooly | Peoria, IL | December 05, 2010

    G. | Washington, D.C. | December 04, 2010

    Thank you for taking on the ridiculous movement on President Roth's part to bring Wes into the mainstream. I just graduated and was there to see the transition under Roth. I was not pleased, to say the least. Hopefully he will take notice of this and other efforts to preserve Wesleyan's unique character and atmosphere of understanding. GO WES!