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    Karen K. | Asheville, NC | April 13, 2011

    PLEEEEASE let Sam go to the wedding with Uncle Zonk. If they won't let her, can I go?


    Tony Phillips | Chicago, IL | April 12, 2011

    Re. AMUSED: I would agree, providing the artist in question then donated these millions to the cause of those oppressed by that very dictator.


    Curtis Burga | Mustang, OK | April 12, 2011

    Re. AMUSED: I have a problem with dictators being parted with money that they either a) stole from their own people or, b) received in US aid, which means they stole it from you and me. To pay for a 50 Cent concert!


    Francesca | Ventura, CA | April 12, 2011

    Re. AMUSED: There's a big problem with parting an evil dictator (or his kids) from a couple of million dollars. It never belonged to him in the first place! The money Khadafi's evil issue paid to Beyonce and other entertainers for their services was stolen from the Libyan people.


    Bob Faser | Victoria, AUSTRALIA | April 12, 2011

    I'm not sure the reader who compared jeff to the McCarthyite ideologues of the 50s really "gets" him. Jeff is utterly non-ideological. (To have an ideology, one must actually believe in something.) His espionage career, first with the CIA and then with Overkill, does not flow from any ideological commitment, but from a growing sense of himself as being The Red Rascal -- the Scarlet Pimpernel of the 21st century: heavy on the derring-do, light on any conviction behind it. The $90 ransom sums up his involvement. (I hope that's $90 in greenbacks, rather than in the slightly more valuable Aussie dollar.) Who would have thought that Jeff would become such a complex character?


    Alex | Brooklyn, NY | April 11, 2011

    The resolution to Jeff's capture was perfect: Once again, the American gets away with it without learning a single lesson or paying any significant price (moral or otherwise). I really wish Trudeau would try to recapture the sense of outrage he used to put into the strip. Everyone likes (or tolerates) Jeff, but he's morally reprehensible, a "kinder, gentler" equivalent of the wingnuts from the 1950s who saw Communists in every corner.

  • O. HENRY

    Susan Cole | Fort Lauderdale, FL | April 10, 2011

    Ninety bucks? This brings to mind O. Henry's famous tale The Ransom of Red Chief.


    H.D.R. | Oakland, CA | April 10, 2011

    I'm sure the $90 was to cover the cost of all the texting the Red Rascal did using their cell phones.


    Roger Webb | Little Rock, AR | April 10, 2011

    I'm a little disappointed. I hoped the Red Rascal was going to end up running something in that benighted piece of the planet. Of course, he's not home yet...


    Doug Bowker | Salem, MA | April 10, 2011

    Sunday's strip about the $90 ransom was plain awesome, dude. What a great ending to all the inflated mythology of the Red Rascal. I hope we eventually get to see some story flashbacks of how this came to pass.


    Mary | SF, CA | April 10, 2011

    Love the series of expressions on Joanie's face. Priceless!


    Garry Layton | Camas, WA | April 10, 2011

    Yes!!! Only GBT could end the Jeff saga so perfectly. A true chuckle grenade. Thanks.

  • ALIVE!

    Allan Levine | Toronto, CANADA | April 10, 2011

    He's alive! He's alive! Best ninety bucks ever. Probably.


    Bill Purkayastha | Shillong, INDIA | April 10, 2011

    The CIA should have asked the Taliban to pay them for taking Jeff Back. Apparently the Taliban didn't keep him long enough to suffer the mind-destroying side-effects of his company.


    Tom Ryan | Columbia, SC | April 08, 2011

    Yes, we should all feel sorry for the artists, because we all know you can't play music unless you show up in your own Lear jet. Music piracy is one thing. This is greed.


    Mark G. | Cambridge, ENGLAND | April 06, 2011

    I'm glad to see Jimmy Thudpucker back. Now I'm living in hope of Wah-Wah Graydon reappearing for a jam...


    Bryan Callaway | Bellingham, WA | April 06, 2011

    While I have been very much amused by Mr. Thudpucker these last couple of days, I question whether there is really something wrong with spending an evening parting an evil dictator from a couple of million dollars.


    Steve | Wadsworth, OH | April 06, 2011

    When I'm cranky or upset for any or all of the various conditions going on in the world or to me personally, I read a couple days' worth of the strip and it never fails to put that bemused look on my face -- the one Mike gets when he's watching the news. Thanks!


    Bernard | Washington, D.C. | April 06, 2011

    Like so many Straw Polls, the current one leaves me wishing for a fourth option -- in this case "Depressed Resignation." Just like barbed wire and legal documents ended the American frontier, the on-line frontier is slowy being hemmed in by those who have figured out how to make us pay for content. It was inevitable that human greed and an available market would eventually end the days of free information. When today's kids are old enough to be nostalgic, the days of wide-open free content is one of the things they will tell their grandchildren about.


    Jack Cerf | Chatham, NJ | April 05, 2011

    Lighten up on Thudpucker. Where is it written that popular musicians are supposed to be beacons of enlightenment or anything but entertainers? I didn't take my politics or my morals from guitar players 40+ years ago, when that was the fashion, and I don't see why anyone should now...