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Katharine McNealey | Stroud, ENGLAND | February 01, 2011

Two friends meet. At last a Doonesbury strip that my 12-year-old USA-educated daughter and I both laughed at and understood!

Ben Ezzell | Salem, OR | February 01, 2011

Deja vu all over again. I had to hit yesterday's strip to make sure that today's wasn't exactly the same. I text a lot with my daughter and grandson, but they're quite remote and never sitting at the table with me. My wife and I, however, have exchanged emails at 10 feet. It's called communication, right?

Don Stanat | Chapel Hill, NC | February 01, 2011

It's interesting that the author of the "IN A CAFE" post had a completely different interpretation of yesterday's strip than either my wife or me. He thought Jeff and Zipper were texting one another.  I inferred that neither could remember the other's name, and each was searching for a clue on his pocket pal. My wife concluded that neither had anything to say to the other, so they each turned to their pocked pal. All three of us thought it was funny. Perhaps that makes it the perfect strip.

Bill Purkayastha | Shillong, INDIA | February 01, 2011

I hope that Doonesbury, in the person of intrepid Tweeter/reporter Roland Hedley, is headed for Egypt. If so, he'd better hurry. The time is now.

Dan (the Man) | Pennsauken, NJ | January 31, 2011

Hmmmm. From what I've observed with today's youngens, I don't believe that Jeff and Zipper are continuing their conversation via text -- more than likely they're both engrossed in their own separate corners of the socialmediaverse, hanging out with each other only by physical proximity. The event of their meeting might be indicated on Twitter, but only by one of them (probably Zipper since he's more outgoing).

Jesse Baker | Pound, VA | January 31, 2011

Oh boy, more of Garry Trudeau making fun of Generation Y and their toys. I just pray that the texting bashing is just for today's strip, and that we'll be getting Zipper (in a bit of character growth) reducing Jeff to tears as he describes, with bullet-point precision one would never expect from such a major slacker, why Jeff sucks as a human being via the Red Rascal scam, and why he needs to end it ASAP and grow the f*** up. 'Cause seriously, I find it hard to stomach that Trudeau is shocked at Alex's popularity and namechecks her mother as reason one why we shouldn't care for her. But Jeff and his abominable Red Rascal scam and Zipper and his vile treatment of Toggle, are ignored and (in Jeff's case) treated as something good that we should root for. Even though neither figure has the inherent charisma or crazy awesome charm that made Duke such a popular character in terms of a villainous protagonist.

Stef | Madison, WI | January 31, 2011

Interesting to note in today's strip how the people and buildings in the background, real at first, dissolve by stages into a generic blur as these kids sink their attention into The Cloud. (And who's to say they're even texting each other?)

MedicVet | Okmulgee, OK | January 31, 2011

Today's strip was spot on! This is the world we live in today, where people sit next to one another, talk to one another (via text), and don't even look each other in the eye. Maybe it's just that I am an older generation, but there is something so wrong with that picture -- and yet, it nails the behavior of the times.

Ed P. | Southbury, CT | January 31, 2011

I'm sorry to see that you ended the firearms series so soon. There must be several more weeks of material there. You haven't even touched on assault weapons yet!

Maerzie | Florence, WI | January 31, 2011

Yes, the handheld device craze is very sad, but even moreso for the young crowd, like highschoolers and under. They are not learning how to socialize except at a distance and in Martian slang. And what else is it doing to brain development?

George Charouhas | Los Angeles, CA | January 31, 2011

Are Zipper and Jeff even conversing? Could it be that the only thing they are sharing is the same physical space? I figured they were just off in their own worlds, surfing the net, or whatever...and that's the irony.

Rev. Bob Faser | Bacchus Marsh, AUS | January 31, 2011

Today's strip is brilliant! Two (supposed) adults, and close friends at that, meet each other in a cafe after one has been overseas for a significant length of time. Nevertheless, their "conversation" is conducted by texting! It may be my "boomer" hubris, but I am reminded of Paul Simon's line about "People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening."

Steve Bailey | Jacksonville Beach, FL | January 28, 2011

I don't find self-centeredness any more endearing in Alex than it's been in J.J. Planning a wedding without even asking her intended about it -- and she doesn't see that she's following in her mother's faiied footsteps.

Joseph Lenchner | Corralitos, CA | January 28, 2011

If you were to apply "Young's Logic" to our foreign policy, then every country would have nukes.

Gary Pippenger | Creve Coeur, MO | January 28, 2011

Great theme this week -- and what incredible material is being handed to all our satirists, cartoonists and stand-ups. Thanks for giving people a chance to reflect on our increasingly bizarre culture.

Treva Obbard | CALIFORNIA | January 28, 2011

Icky uncle-ness aside, Alex and Jeff would never work. Alex needs grounding, supplied freely and magnificently by Leo, and Jeff needs so much grounding he should be buried.

Simon Leigh | Toronto, CANADA | January 28, 2011

Doonesbury nails it, as usual; how will a gun protect you from an audience of people with guns, especially after you've been shot through the head from behind?

Tom Ryan | Columbia, SC | January 27, 2011

The awful reality is that from Columbine to Va Tech 1 & 2 to Tucson, today's threat does not give up until met with deadly force or full restraint. Every single truthful law enforcement agency will tell you they can not protect the average citizen day in and day out, they can only respond. In this case the cure is scarier, especially to liberal bias (as noted by the Straw Poll) than the problem. There will always be people bent on evil, regardless of regulation. once again we learn of a social outcast and man with major physiological issues who was passed through the system out of fear and political correctness. It wasn't the guns, clips or ammo that killed those people, it was a sick person. Someone who, by the way, had been stalking this woman for at least three years, well before we ever heard of Sara Palin and vitriolic speech. The only thing scarier than free speech is the lack thereof. The only thing scarier than an armed citizenry is one that is helpless to defend itself...

Steve G. | Zichron Yaakov, ISRAEL | January 27, 2011

Growing up in the U.S. I remember fearing the gun in the holster of the policeman standing next to me in line at McDonalds (of course, that was Chicago). Over here, it's common to carry concealed weapons -- one of the questions I'm commonly asked by security guards when I enter a store is if I have one (I don't) so he can see my license -- yet I don't feel that same fear I did growing up. The problem, as I see it, lies largely with the values of the society. We're concentrating on carrying concealed weapons when what we should be concentrating on is the glorification of violence in our culture. That's what teaches one to have the fantasy of shooting a gun out of an assailant's hand. The danger of guns in anyone's hands is a symptom of a greater problem. Solve that problem, or you'll never stop seeing the symptoms.

Noc | Sun Prairie, WI | January 27, 2011

Given Shuler's accuracy record with a football, the thought of him possessing and using a pistol of any sort (even a Nerf) ought to be argument enough to ban concealed and open carry.