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    Al | KC, MO | May 11, 2011

    Ray is starting to remind me of a Sergeant I had in Advanced Infantry training before I went to Nam. He had a nervous tic and, while inspecting the troops, his head would shake. Then he'd berate the poor SOB in front of him for moving. Someone said he was involved in a friendly fire incident in Nam. Get Ray home. Maybe it's not too late.

  • RAY

    John N. | Columbia, SC | May 09, 2011

    I knew it, I knew this would happen to Ray. GBT knew it too. He used to visit the patients at Walter Reed, he was very kind to them but he knows how it is. Now Ray will not, I repeat, not get around this on his own. This will not go away. No budget cuts, no VA-DOD sharing agreement, no congressional re-election mandate that looks good on paper will fix this. Ray needs his buddies, maybe Toggle even. Damn it, I knew this would happen...


    I.A. | Ames, Iowa | May 08, 2011

    You were brilliant when I was a liberal, 40 years ago. You are still brilliant, today, now that I am a conservative. Thank you.


    Allie | Gettysburg, PA | May 08, 2011

    I love the look on Earl's face in today's strip. He looks like he's totally going to enjoy this!


    Sally Deneen | Seattle, WA | May 08, 2011

    Perhaps the fact that Duke is now working on basketcase Syria will in some unforseeable way help bring attention to the plight of Dorothy Parvaz, a journalist who has been detained by the Syrian government for eight days and counting. Here friends and colleagues are worried about her safety, per the Free Dorothy Parvaz Facebook page.


    Fred Markone | Birmingham, UK | May 07, 2011

    The Homeowner Assocation/line drying series involving Zonker's folks has come around again in Flashbacks (10 years ago). When I first saw this 5 years ago I thought HOAs and GBT had to be kidding. Wrong. Just try Googling it... This LAT article from '09 is just one such fish from a trawl.


    Tim | Vancouver, WA | May 07, 2011

    "Why does this not worry me?" A Doonesbury quote for the ages.


    Rich Rose | Providence, RI | May 07, 2011

    My favorite thing about OBL's demise: OBL's demise.


    Lee | Reno, NV | May 06, 2011

    Regarding the Sunday, May 1st strip. Best. Simpsons homage. Ever.


    Larry S. | Delaware, OH | May 05, 2011

    I love the Flashbacks page, a treasure trove of lost gems waiting to be rediscovered. Today we revisit a moment 35 years ago, before the Jimmy Thudpucker's benefit concert for Ginnie's campaign fund. Jimmy contemplates the possibility that if the sun-bleached Santa Monica rock junkie vote could be harnessed, then Sonny Bono might become governor of California. Little did we realize Trudeau's prescience, that Sonny Bono, of all people, would eventually be chosen for a elective office, not as governor, but as the Mayor of Palm Springs, and later as Representative for California's 44th district.


    Betsy Lenke | New York, NY | May 05, 2011

    I wish there were an option on your current Straw Poll for those of us who think the (reported) murder of bin Laden is hideous. Nothing pleasing about it.


    Benjamin Watson | Mansfield, CT | May 05, 2011

    Think again Earl! The only 'enemy' of Duke ever mentioned in the strip (aside from his time as a zombie) is Zeke!


    Jon W. | Montreal, CANADA | May 04, 2011

    Thank you for letting us catch up on Doonesbury history with the Flashbacks feature. I read it every day!


    Chris | Overland Park, KS | May 03, 2011

    The irony just hit me. Doonesbury's previous Straw Poll was about the value of cursive writing, lamenting that the teaching of it may be dropped from some schools' educational objectives. Meanwhile GBT makes a very good living not just printing, but doing so in those pesky, annoying ALL CAPS.


    Bruce Richards | Auckland, NEW ZEALAND | May 02, 2011

    GBT's eye is remarkable but, for me, the depth and breadth of his talent is best shown in strips like today's Flashback from 35 years ago. I love the strips from when Joanie was working in daycare (Will we ever see Ellie again?) (Please?) and my personal stuck-to-the-fridge favourite is Jeff's first word being 'although' (we had such hopes for him). I find GBT's sense of laser satire touchingly complemented by his delicate depiction of children.


    Martin Parker | Thousand Oaks, CA | May 02, 2011

    Re WHAT I HAVE FEARED: Regarding the eyes of Zonker and Zipper, some of GBT's commentary in the 40-year retrospective of Doonsbury strips may explain the difference. The heavy lids of Zonker's eyes denote a certain worldliness and, perhaps, cynicism. Zipper's open (oval) eyes denote innocence; Zipper is a bit naive. The shape of the eyes (lidded or oval) provide a clue to the outlook on life of other characters in the strip as well.


    Dayne Chastant | Mesa, AZ | May 02, 2011

    Re A UNIQUE BAD GUY: Jeff's perfect for the CIA. His sense of entitlement ("Mom, just pay it!"), his adherence to magical thinking, his inability to pick talented people (Really? The nephew of the flakiest character in comicdom?), and his inability to take responsibility make him a perfect fit. He'll have Havoc's job soon.


    Bob | St. Augustine, FL | May 02, 2011

    Timing is everything -- I wake up to see your strip, and then find out that bin Laden is dead. Wow.


    Jim Kizer | Baltimore, MD | May 02, 2011

    Given the news from last night, today's comic is eerily apropos.


    Rock Quarry | Los Angeles, CA | May 02, 2011

    My Goodness! Today's Doonesbury is ripped from today's headlines! Is this art imitating life, or is life just a comic strip?