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  • MORE

    Ann | West Chester, PA | June 06, 2011

    I am more in love with Leo every day.

  • ALEX

    Jaybees | Waimea, HI | June 04, 2011

    Thanks for the laugh of the week. Alex is beyond funny.


    Paul Hawkins | Wooster, OH | June 04, 2011

    Move over Dad-o-rama Popmeister. There appears to be a new "master of the emotional belly flop" !


    Fubar4fun | Tracy, CA | June 03, 2011

    Here's the problem with this country; everyone imagines a guy talking to a woman better looking than his partner is the death of the relationship. Only in Hollywood does that happen. Everyone knows that a real man will always come home to his woman. Toggle is an Army veteran. Disabled, yet disciplined and devoted. Get it out of your head that this new chick will steal him away...


    Old Sarge | Ft. Meade, MD | June 03, 2011

    Toggle, nice job scaring your girlfriend, even though it's mostly Alex that has the "I'm not worthy" problem. Someone knock her over with a pillow and bring her back to reality. I think Drew "knew all along" that Toggle was messing around (somewhat). Earth to Alex. Breathe, and look at the guy that adores you. That is all...


    Lisa | Paoli, PA | June 03, 2011

    Nice dramatic touch with Drew's costume this week. What started as a simple t-shirt on Tuesday has become a slinky red dress by Wednesday. So out of Drew's character -- but so in tune with that alarming moment when your best friend doesn't realize it's time to dial down the star quality. I'm betting 99.9% of us readers are identifying with Alex right now.


    John | Ashland, OR | June 02, 2011

    Fun Fact: "Leo" (pronounced leyoh) is the Hawaiian word for "voice." Aloha.

  • DEEP

    Rex Forkner | Portland, OR | June 01, 2011

    Leo is in deep, deep, doo-doo!


    Dan | Lowell, Indiana | June 01, 2011

    Looks like Leo forgot to stab himself with a pencil. He's in big trouble now.


    Rock Quarry | Los Angeles, CA | June 01, 2011

    I'll take a comfortable sweater like Alex over a lacy thong like Drew any day.


    Jack Cerf | Chatham, NJ | June 01, 2011

    Re "Mad edgy."  I guess Boomer men are the last generation for which military life was a familiar part of the general culture, because military service, or at least the dreaded prospect of military service, was a normal part of growing up. Nowadays it's just something bizzare and incomprehensible that happens by choice to people who are nothing like anyone we know. The evil genius of Richard Nixon has done its work.

  • HOPE

    Stan Mott | Neuss, GERMANY | May 31, 2011

    Let us hope that Alex, Leo and Drew do not end up as a threesome.


    Grant H. | Wingdale, NY | May 31, 2011

    Your commitment to soldiers is admirable. It'd be easy to live in the U.S. and not know Americans are dying in combat. It's worth mentioning that of the elephantine military spending, the vast amount goes to suppliers of non-combat services (e.g. Halliburton), aircraft, weapons and screws, while thousands of service personnel are so low-paid they qualify for food stamps, and the low level of medical care for vets is a scandal. The occasional stories of the "dumb old military" paying thousands for a toilet conceal the fact that this is no accident -- it's taxpayer money flowing out to profiteering corporations. Keep up the fine work.


    Jeff Ralson | Phoenix, AZ | May 31, 2011

    Is there anything better than an Alex and Leo week in Doonesbury? Of course not, don't be silly.


    J. Wheeler | Steubenville, OH | May 30, 2011

    As one of the people who fought in our country's wars, it is nice to see folks out there remembering what Memorial Day is all bout. Thank you!


    Brian Allison | Littleton, CO | May 29, 2011

    Remember too that the names on the wall are less than half the story. Four of my classmates did not survive Vietnam. Two died there, and two died in single-person "accidents" soon after returning. The combat vets you know are true survivors.


    Adele | Corvalis, OR | May 29, 2011

    B.D. is right. To military families it seems as if no one remembers that our loved ones are facing things most of us can hardly imagine. The dangers they face are physical, but they are also far more profound. War can turn you into a walking dead person. I am the mother of a disabled veteran of OIF. I think I speak for thousands of us when I thank you for keeping us in your heart and in the minds of the nation.


    Allison Engle | Gettysburg, PA | May 29, 2011

    Thank you for reminding us to remember. It saddens me to think that 97% of us are safeguarded by the three percent willing to give up to and including the last full measure, and the families that love and pray for them. There is no greater love than that which the vets put forth on our behalf, and we barely realize that we barely deserve it.


    Greg Rice | Altamonte Springs, FL | May 28, 2011

    Thanks for all your dedicated commentary. Loved it during the Viet Nam era, hated it during the 80s and 90s, starting to like it again, now. The times, they are a-changing.


    Richard | Duluth, MN | May 27, 2011

    I've been thinking about last week's Rapture series. I hope Zonker got to keep the Mercedes...