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Melinda Capozza | Augusta, GA | April 11, 2017

Re today's Classic strip: "Hard bodies and soft minds" could be said of many people. As usual, Garry, you make me giggle.

Patrick Furness | Bel Air, MD | April 11, 2017

"Accidently?" I was ready to chide GBT or his editor on letting a typo slip through in panel three of today's strip. Then I thought I'd better check, just in case I was the bad speller, and whaddya know, I learned something. Words can have more than one correct spelling. 

Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | April 09, 2017

Why settle for the evil that Trump does? Write your own Trump Executive Order here.

Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | April 09, 2017

I don't get today's strip. The Executive Orders Trump signs in public are evil too.

Melinda Capozza | Augusta, GA | April 09, 2017

I love today's strip -- especially the first two panels. Go get 'em, Garry.

Fred Waiss | Prairie du Chien, WI | April 08, 2017

I was, and am, an avid reader of Doonesbury -- pretty much from the start of the strip. But in the late '80s I was in a small town in Nebraska and their paper did not carry it, so all this with Mike and J.J. is new to me. Thanks, Garry, for the Classic reruns.

Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | April 06, 2017

Thank you, thank you for the wonderful DAILY BRIEFING article from Smithsonian! I might well have missed it, but I have been enamoured of the Minoan/Mycenaean mystery of since I was a teenager. And what a wonderful alternative to reading about Trump!

Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | April 04, 2017

It's wise not to let Trump live in your head full time, but pity the reporters who must do it so that the rest of us can get caught up with the bits we need to without trying to pay attention all the time!

Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | April 03, 2017

Re SOMETHING. I wonder how many supernovae will be discovered next year, if Trump defunds the National Science Foundation?

Chris W. | US of A | April 03, 2017

if Trump is living in your head rent-free, that's not his fault, it's yours. But by all means, keep it up. This is how you lose city councils and mayorships. This is how you lose state legislatures and governorships. This is how you lose Congress; by focusing on Trump and only Trump. And yes, this is how you get President Trump. You may not understand the value of free advertising, but he does.

Marcia Martin | Longmont, CO | April 02, 2017

I was all ready to rant at the Blowback item SOLUTION until I saw that it was sent from Australia. The author can be forgiven for not understanding that, for many of us here in the U.S., nearly every aspect of life has changed. Sundays are the conference call; Mondays are checking in with my Organizing for Action mentor; Tuesdays are Sierra Club, Girls Who Code, and the city council meeting. Wednesdays and Thursdays are for citizen lobbying at the Statehouse; and there's usually a demonstration on Saturday. TGIF we drink and complain. Everything has changed since the election.

Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | April 02, 2017

Something that has nothing to do with Trump? Sure. Do you have any idea how many supernovae have been discovered in the last year?

John | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | April 02, 2017

The solution to the problem of always complaining about Trump is  to stop the complaining and just get on with your almost-completely-unchanged-in-the-last-11-weeks life.

George S. | Tequesta, FL | April 02, 2017

I believe it's time for Roland to don his safari gear and undertake a lonely and dangerous trek inside the president's brain. This time, instead of the impenetrable morass of Reagan, he will encounter a clear complex of roadways consisting of one-way streets.

Alex | Brooklyn, NY | April 02, 2017

From today's strip, I surmise a new subset of the Bechdel Test: "A work must feature at least two women, these women must talk to each other, and their conversation must concern something other than Donald Trump."

Laurette Tuckerman | Paris, FRANCE | April 02, 2017

Concerning today's Doonesbury family lunch: Back in the golden days when we were all so sure that Clinton would win, I would say "What on earth will we all talk about after the election? I predict many silent dinner parties and greatly increased productivity as people stop obsessing about politics on the web and Facebook." Well, that's one post-election question we didn't have to answer.

Melinda Capozza | Augusta, GA | March 30, 2017

Today's strip is such a laugh out loud moment -- for those of us who are introspective, of course. Thank you, Garry.

Aaron | Washington, D.C. | March 30, 2017

Having the dirty energy dirty tricks lobby back in power in D.C. takes me back to the good old days of the Reagan era (which I read about but wasn't alive for) when James Watt was the Secretary of the Interior. Dick Davenport tried to get a meeting to talk to him about birds, but was rejected as an environmental extremist. "But I'm a moderate!" "Oh, that's different. What oil company are you with, sir?"

Chris W. | US of A | March 29, 2017

One has to wonder why Mike and J.J. were ever together in the first place, much less why they stayed together for so long. One never gets the sense that they enjoy a single moment spent in each other's presence. They have no common interests. B.D. and Boopsie spend almost all their time together and actively participate in each other's lives. J.J. is obviously just getting revenge on the man who stole her mother away, and Mike doesn't seem to have wanted  more than a little "Miss Robinson," i.e. a younger, cuter version of Joannie. But youth and cuteness don't last very long. Even Joannie and Rick have shared interests and reasons to enjoy each other's company.

Craig Cyr | Langley, WA | March 29, 2017

Given your penchant for drawing the White House in your strips about presidents, I thought you would like to see this article:  It brings back memories of the wall around the White House that you drew back in the Nixon days.