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Chris Wells | MEXICO | December 18, 2012

The living Mayan calendar keepers had nothing to do with the "harmonic convergence." It was Jose Arguelles, an Italian interpreter, who came up with that. He died last year. The Mayans are being strategically removed from their homelands still, to this date -- and their long-lasting culture and wisdom doesn't need this nonsense. They are such beautiful people. They deserve some respect.

Allan Olley | South Lake Tahoe, CA | December 18, 2012

I'm surprised Boopsie is so quick to believe in predictions of doomsday after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was a dud, but obviously some things never change.

John McQueen | Chantilly, VA | December 17, 2012

Aside to Boopsie: sure, life's no picnic. All the more reason to turn a deaf ear to those who claim the end is near. Really.

Peter Mikkelsen | Pasco, WA | December 17, 2012

Ahhh, Schrödinger's Doonesbury! I wonder if the publishers suggested that GBT prepare multiple storylines from Saturday.

Sue | Oakland, CA | December 17, 2012

I'm not sure how I think this Mayan Calendar / end-of-time series is going to go. Or how it ought to go. I have a 20-year-old son with autism, who has gotten very worried about it. His dad and I keep reassuring him that it's just like Dec. 31 on our calendar, but he's still not convinced. Finally, hubby "bet him a quarter" -- this is a family joke, because both of us have taught the boys that we only, only ever bet when we are 100% certain that we're correct. But our son is still worrying. I'm sort of thinking about showing him this series of strips over the week, but I'm hesitating, because I'm concerned that the Dec. 22 punchline might make him feel badly about himself. Ordinary gullible people probably deserve the humiliation that may be coming, but my sweet autistic young man can't help his gullibility.

Gray | Taunton, MA | December 16, 2012

I was supposed to be on a plane out of Boston on the morning of Sept. 11th, 2001 but I scrapped my plans only a few hours before flight time. I was IMing with my friend, explaining why I wasn’t coming to visit, when the news from NYC broke on CNN. It wasn’t the first time I’d dodged a bullet and it wasn’t the last but it took more than a week before I really gave expression to how I felt about what happened. I’ve spent the last 36 or so hours wondering why the news out of Connecticut has hit me harder and faster than my almost being involved in the ’01 attacks and I think it comes down to two things. The attack in Newtown deliberately targeted young children instead of their being part of the collateral damage. If you really looked at the bare facts instead of the spin regarding 9/11 you can recognize why the attacks happened, but only one person could really tell us why the tragedy in Newtown happened and he’s beyond our reach now. Heartfelt thanks for today's very timely video. That tribute to the fallen will hopefully give a small measure of solace to all of those in and around Newtown who will never look on the holidays the same way.

Tom | Brisbane, AUSTRALIA | December 16, 2012

I still remember the sense of unease that Devo's "Beautiful World" expressed at the time of Reagan's "Morning in America" and the LA Olympics with some chanting "USA! USA! USA!" back in the '80s. Now, with Wall Street and the GOP on the back foot it sounds like a much more likeable "Morning in America" may be dawning. Best wishes from across the western pond.

Lee | Roebling, NJ | December 16, 2012

Re Joanie's new job: We can only hope. No more too big to fail with corporate CEOs getting bonuses for hijacking our taxes to their own pockets. Go EW! I live in NJ and I contributed to her campaign!

Marci | Longmont, CO | December 16, 2012

Re today's strip on the Warren agenda: Let it Be!

Peggy Brewington | Cornell, WI | December 16, 2012

Re todays strip: I love it, I love it, I love it!

Benjamin Smeall | Green Bay, WI | December 15, 2012

Don't forget that Texas gave us the Dixie Chicks and Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Holly, and that Robert Johnson recorded his entire library of Opuses in a hotel room in Houston!

Shooshie Roberts | Dallas, TX | December 14, 2012

"Like Jerusalem without the checkpoints." That describes Texas as well as anything I've heard. One learns diplomacy here, not because the people you encounter are likely to have different opinions than your own, but because they are extremely passionate about those opinions, even though they got them from Fox News. Oh… and because odds are pretty high that they're packing heat.

Weiser Guy | Redwood City, CA | December 14, 2012

Has Trudeau been following me? This week's strips are just so timely. I was down in Austin just last week. It truly epitomizes the best and worst of Texas. Thanks for a good chuckle.

Elizabeth Connor | Roswell, GA | December 14, 2012

Re EMBARRASSED AND APPALLED: "...I look at Texas, home to greats like Sam Rayburn, Lyndon Johnson, Lloyd Bentsen and Ann Richards..." I'd like to add Barbara Jordan to that list!

Kathleen DeWitt | Edmonton, CANADA | December 14, 2012

I must admit to laughing out loud at the current Texas secession strips. I have been to Texas on business many times and have enjoyed myself (including rafting on the Perdenales) and I have a cousin living in Austin. In Canada we live with a secessionist mentality -- Quebec -- and it has played itself out humorously many times. My favorite is some years ago when the PQ (Parti Quebecois, a federal pro-independence political party) won enough MPs to be 'Her Majesty's Loyal Official Opposition' in Ottawa. You cannot get much more Canadian than that!

Maerzie | Florence, WI / Perdido Beach, AL | December 14, 2012

The freshness of G.B. Trudeau, and his "saying it like it is" sensibility, reflected again in today's strip, is exactly what make Doonesbury such an essential American editorial comic strip. We need many more G.B. Trudeaus to wake up the lackadaisical gullibles! It's time for more Americans to realize and appreciate what we have in our democracy, and what we could too easily lose when too many take it for granted, and don't pay attention to facts.

Jan Payne | Austin, TX | December 14, 2012

I'm a Northerner accidentally living in Texas, who is sick and tired of hearing "Yankee" jokes. I am just loving your strip Texas secession strips this week!

Steve Brooks and Larry Lyon | Austin, TX | December 13, 2012

We have submitted our own petition to the White House to allow Austin to secede from the State of Texas and remain part of the US.

Nick | Yuba City, TX | December 13, 2012

I'm not from Texas but I think everyone should lay off them. I've known pleanty of Texans in my time and considered them darn good friendly folks. Yes I known they secceded once before, but that is the past. We've reconciled our differences, and the Lone Star State has bravely stood up for this country since then. It would be a shame to lose Texas from the United States. They love who they are and the rest of the country should respect that, stop bickering and bad mouthing, and start being what our surname states: UNITED.

Mike Sandman | Brookline, MA | December 13, 2012

If you go to the Texas secession page on the website (and log in yourself as though you want to sign) you'll see that many of the signatories (including me) are not from Texas. I guess we're all channeling Henny Youngman and saying, "Take Texas -- Please!"