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Jason Thorn | Phoenix, AZ | November 08, 2012

Well, I suppose there'll be one benefit of Obama winning -- we'll never have to see Trudeau's Jimmy Crow character again. Since Obama won, obviously there's no chance of any specter of nullification haunting Doonesbury ever again, and we'll only have those strips showing up in Flashbacks to interfere with our short attention spans.

John Myers | Los Angeles, CA | November 07, 2012

Although the South and the Midwest did not get it, your Sunday strip may have been one of the few things helping to eke out a razor-thin margin in the key swing states. Thank you for helping to save our country from ruin. Mr. Romney was going to start a trade war with China, a cold war with Russia, and a hot war with Iran.

Lee Horner | Roebling, NJ | November 07, 2012

Thanks for helping me keep my perspective while I have been biting my nails and lowering my standard of living in order to contribute to some of the more worthwhile campaigns across the country. Luckily, everybody I supported won -- but the progressives sort of forgot the House of Reps. We needed Shelley Adler here in NJ.

Tom Buzzell | Deland, FL | November 07, 2012

I'm 63, male, and have seldom missed a day of your work over the decades. I'm a solo motorcycle adventurer -- N. Africa, Asia, etc. Not tooting, just to illustrate that i'm not a baby. it may have been the poignancy of the issue, but today is the first day you made me cry. May the heavens, or whatever awaits, reward you for your irrepressible service to society. Thank you.

Yundah | Olivet, MI | November 07, 2012

I laughed last night when the news broke that Elizabeth Warren had won in Massachusetts. I was delighted that my home state had regained its sanity and shown that anti-intellectual sniping was not acceptable, that intellect and ability won over faux populism. My laughter however was not due to that delight. My laughter was the result of my realization that my first thought was "Good for you, Joanie! Your hard work paid off!" Indeed, my congratulations do go to Joanie as the symbol of all those hard working, dedicated women and men who worked hard to help Warren get elected, to all who worked in any of the races, local to national. Thanks for believing in the system, for giving your time and your effort.

Bradley G. White | Waterdown, CANADA | November 07, 2012

Watching the election results go final, I just realized that Jeff represents the Republicans, the adversity to a reality-based lifestyle. Brilliant!

Gina | Lovettsville, VA | November 07, 2012

Joanie, she won. Elizabeth won, Joanie! You did it. We are so grateful. Now go home and rest, Dear Lady -- you more than deserve it.

C.K. | Littleton, CO | November 07, 2012

I yelled "Yeaaa!" at the Elizabeth Warren victory announcement tonight. My daughter asked, "How do you care so much about her? We're in Colorado." I told her I lived through it in Doonesbury for a long time.

Tom | Brisbane, AUSTRALIA | November 07, 2012

Congratulations, Joanie and Elizabeth! Rick should be there in about an hour and a half. Hopefully there will be an even bigger reason to celebrate.

Casey | New York, NY | November 07, 2012

YAHOO!!!! Thank you, Joanie! Elizabeth WON!!!! You go, girl!

Marcia | Longmont, CO | November 06, 2012

Let me be one of the first to congratulate Joanie and the team on a race well won and a well-deserved win. And thanks to Doonesbury for giving Dr. Warren a boost.

Treva Obbard | Albany, CA | November 06, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to Joanie and the whole Warren campaign!

Susan | Big Piney, WY | November 06, 2012

Elizabeth Warren won! Thanks, Joanie! (And the rest of her staff.)

Theo | Ferndale, CA | November 05, 2012

Just one little thing about abandoning your nurse...

Andrea Barker | LUXEMBOURG | November 05, 2012

Re TELEPHONE CALL: One of the many, many joys of this Doonesbury site is its assumption that we will understand (and of course possibly apply) its use of the word 'approbation.' The whole thing is a little oasis of pleasure in a frequently depressing world. More power to your elbow, GBT, and fingers crossed here in Europe for Tuesday's outcome.

Anne Hormann | Pasadena, CA | November 05, 2012

This is just a note to express my eternal gratitude for making me laugh and saving my sanity throughout this ghastly election. Please keep holding people's feet to the fire. Love and thanks.

C.J.C. | Columbus, GA | November 04, 2012

That's truly a scary commentary today. Man...Now I'm worried about Tuesday.

Karen | Layton, UT | November 04, 2012

At the end of today's strip, the response to Leo's mother should have been: "Remember when you lost your house and had to move into this trailer?"

Fred Tyler | Stony Brook, NY | November 04, 2012

I wonder if there is really a humor-perceiving constituency for today's anti-Wall-Street strip. I won't trouble you explicitly with my accuracy concern because I did see the strip in the funny pages -- where editorializing is acceptable.

Sal Sciortino | Granada Hills, CA | November 03, 2012

What an awful woman -- leaves the hospital and doesn't tell her nurse? That's not cute, it's mean!