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Yundaj | Olivet, MI | November 11, 2012

Made me cry. Thanks.

Dave Kreimer | Seattle, WA | November 11, 2012

"You worthy, Lieutenant." Wow! At first I took it as a question -- one that makes me aware that I have been asking myself this for a long time without knowing it. Now I see that it is a statement. An affirmation from Toggle to his mentor and friend. Either way, it brings tears to my eyes and recognition of the most important impact of the decisions we are forced to make during war (and often in life). Perhaps self-forgiveness is the most profound lesson we can learn on Veterans Day.

Allan Levine | Toronto, CANADA | November 11, 2012

Doonesbury is always good. Today was a little masterpiece. Many thanks.

Sue Hunter | Alachua, FL | November 11, 2012

Your Veterans Day strip honoring the wives of veterans moved me to tears. We also serve and receive so little acknowledgement. Thank you.

Paul Wiklund | Hemet, CA | November 11, 2012

Today's strip was wonderful. Thank you.

Don Poole | Youngsville, NC | November 11, 2012

The closest I came to serving was marching against the war in Vietnam and watching my friends come home in bags, or with their heads totally screwed on wrong. I was brought to tears wondering how many of our children, and grandchildren, are in Toggle's situation. I just hope they have the inner resources and outside help they need to make what they have been through into a positive. So many of my generation are still contending with demons the rest of us have trouble understanding.

Dave at Collinda | Johnson City, TX | November 11, 2012

I always approach Veteran's Day with trepidation as I know that virtually everything will will read, see, and hear pertaining to that day will be inappropriate and, far too often, offensive. Your offering stands in stark contrast to that norm. Semper fi.

Tom French | Washington, D.C. | November 11, 2012

Look at B.D. -- he's evolved! Not only a great Veteren's Day cartoon, but a testament to B.D.'s feelings for Boopsie. Well done.

Marilen Wood | Fairfax, CA | November 11, 2012

You defended your country, came home to fight demons of your own, support your families the best way you can...You will always be worthy, as will all the soldiers who ever had to return from fighting in a war.

Kate | Kershaw, SC | November 11, 2012

Today's strip nearly brought me to tears. It is a touching salute to vets and their families. As the daughter, wife, sister, sister-in-law, niece and aunt of combat veterans of six wars, I want to say thanks to GBT. He gets us.

Barb | Bend, OR | November 10, 2012

Poor Jeff. First his car is repossessed, and then his house is foreclosed on; his mom is in the hospital; and now the namesake of the Red Rascal's horse has regretfully resigned. I was going to say something about his candidates, but then realized that Jeff might not have been aware that there was an election going on.

Tony | Box Hill, AUSTRALIA | November 10, 2012

The flowers might be a trick -- or it is just possible that this Jeff is in there trying to get out. Good luck to him!

Patricia Henry | DeKalb, IL | November 09, 2012

The quotes in the Mudline (my fave -- Rove on Obama: "Succeeded by suppressing the vote.") are evidence of parallel universes. Making the winner of the current Straw Poll even more unlikely.

Anne | Bath, ME | November 09, 2012

Jeff has enough money for flowers? Nice touch, but when he files for bankruptcy, it may be questioned. Just saying.

John Talcott | Kasson, MN | November 08, 2012

I feel sorry for Jeff. April 15th is just around the corner.

Pete | Hillsdale, NJ | November 08, 2012

Meanwhile, two days past the election, the versatile scamp Trudeau holsters his political pen in favor of the traditional setup/punch line comic strip.

Celinda Kate | Port Townsend, WA | November 08, 2012

What planet do the folks you quote in today's Say What? live on? It's one thing to disagree about politics, but these people are as crazy as a box of frogs! (No slur on frogs intended.)

Jason Thorn | Phoenix, AZ | November 08, 2012

Well, I suppose there'll be one benefit of Obama winning -- we'll never have to see Trudeau's Jimmy Crow character again. Since Obama won, obviously there's no chance of any specter of nullification haunting Doonesbury ever again, and we'll only have those strips showing up in Flashbacks to interfere with our short attention spans.

John Myers | Los Angeles, CA | November 07, 2012

Although the South and the Midwest did not get it, your Sunday strip may have been one of the few things helping to eke out a razor-thin margin in the key swing states. Thank you for helping to save our country from ruin. Mr. Romney was going to start a trade war with China, a cold war with Russia, and a hot war with Iran.

Lee Horner | Roebling, NJ | November 07, 2012

Thanks for helping me keep my perspective while I have been biting my nails and lowering my standard of living in order to contribute to some of the more worthwhile campaigns across the country. Luckily, everybody I supported won -- but the progressives sort of forgot the House of Reps. We needed Shelley Adler here in NJ.