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Kathleen DeWitt | Edmonton, CANADA | December 05, 2012

I'm enjoying the current strips with Duke and ex-president for life Trff. And I'm still having trouble breathing when I read the Toggle strips from five years ago. I was living in Britain at the time, and can remember the dread I felt then -- only somewhat less now. Then I was not sure if he would survive, now I know he did, and I also know what he has been through since.

Romuald | New Britain, CT | December 04, 2012

Yes! Way to go, Rick and Joanie! A bit of schadenfreude in reaction to the collapse of Jeff's fantasy world. It's unfortunate that they didn't do this earlier, but later is better than never for Jeff to learn some responsibilities in the real world.

Allan Levine | Toronto, CANADA | December 04, 2012

I see today's strip and I am pumped! Could this be the return of Doonesbury: Greatest Adventure Strip Ever?

Donna C. | Lucerne, CA | December 03, 2012

I'm loving Joanie and Rick's sudden turn to reality-based parenting, albeit a tad bit late. While hubby and I knew that we'd always help out the kids if they were in a tight spot, we never clued them in on it. A great motivator. So far, so good, and the oldest is almost 30.

As for the SayWhat? quote about PSY's song, from Fox News psychiatrist Keith Ablow -- "I think what this fellow is tapping the fact that people don't want any meaning right now...The meaning is that it means nothing." -- I'm the substitute teacher at our senior center line dance classes, and some of us grannies can kick it Gangnam style. Dance wards off the dementias, and keeps the mobility and bone density on the uptick in lieu of the alternative. I won't even ask Mr. Ablow what comes into his mind when he sees a cigar. Sometimes a dance is just a dance.

Stephen M. | Westminster, MD | December 03, 2012

Ha! "Reality Intern." I love it! I've got one living in my basement. I've tried several times to release him into the wild, but the little critter keeps coming back. They must have some sort of homing device in them.

Barb | Bend, OR | December 02, 2012

Regarding the "secret little smile" or the "smirk" that other posters have noticed on Rick's face, I think it has to do in part with his knowing that Joanie has, indeed, changed after her hip replacement. We can only wonder what changes, if any, the surgery and its aftermath will make in hers and Rick's relationship. I'm guessing that the one with the unknown accomplice who helped her escape has been strengthened.

Johanna | CALIFORNIA | December 02, 2012

What Joanie and Rick are doing for their son is excellent and a huge favor to him. And not because of gloating or revenge, as others have suggested. Rather they are showing him love and truth by teaching him about reality in a very safe environment: that working, paying bills and taking care of himself is a good and necessary thing. Would that many others had had a safe environment in which to do this, and parents that cared enough to follow through on their child's 'growing up' and learning that difficult skill of being a self disciplined and productive artist who can pay bills and meet deadlines. Very good, Joanie and GBT!

Rev. Dr. Bob Faser | Hobart, AUSTRALIA | December 02, 2012

Memo to Ms. Caucus: You go, girl!

Mike | Rochester, NY | December 02, 2012

Yes! I have waited for the Redferns to force their ridiculously self-absorbed progeny to accept a dose of reality. I believe this is long overdue, and that Jeff's acceptance of responsibility at long last will benefit the entire family.

Erin Frankel | San Diego, CA | December 02, 2012

I'd pay $500.00 a month to live with Rick and Joanie. If Jeff passes, put me on the list. Writing in the mornings, chores at noontime? I'm in!

John | New Brighton, MN | December 02, 2012

Harsh? I seem  to remember that Jeff rubbed his (ephemeral) success in his father's face. Isn't Rick entitled to just a smidgen of schadenfreude?

Piyalechi | Augusta, GA | December 02, 2012

Facing reality is often "cold" and unpleasant. We get a bit older, physically if not yet mentally, every time we endure a terrible moment of what-is-up. With simple strokes, but masterfully, GBT shows that changing experience through Jeff R. in today's strip. By the last frame, Jeff's back is a bit more hunched over, and his face more sunk in and longer...

David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | December 02, 2012

Thanks for today's 15 year Flashback about California's Proposition 209, and for furthering my Doonesbury education in US civics and public affairs. I knew that some people objected to "reverse discrimination," but until I saw this strip I had no idea opposition to affirmative action had taken such a definite form.

Martin Crookall | Manchester, UK | December 02, 2012

I have never liked Jeff Redfern as a character, and have long wished for him to be woken up to reality. I have no real hopes that that will ever happen, but that makes today's strip all the more joyous and utterly hilarious. Go, Joanie and Rick!

Bill | Charlottesville, VA | December 02, 2012

As I was reading today's strip, it occurred to me that Joanie and Rick had to toss a coin to see who would deliver the smackdown to Jeff and who would sit back and watch in smug satisfaction -- not because one was better than the other, but because they were both equally delicious and it was the only way to make an otherwise impossible choice.

Jo Ann Burrows | Chippewa Falls, WI | December 02, 2012

"Your life as a reality intern is over." Priceless!

Jesse Baker | Pound, VA | December 02, 2012

About today's strip, to quote professional wrestler Daniel Bryan: "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Jon | London, ENGLAND | December 02, 2012

I hate to be harsh towards people but I'm really turning against Rick as a character. As a parent I always support my kids emotionally as well as financially, because they are not living in the same world as I did. The smirk on Rick's face today said it all.

Yundah | Olivet, MI | December 02, 2012

A cold dawn is shining on Jeff. Will the Red Rascal survive the light of day?

Fred Waiss | Prairie du Chien, WI | December 02, 2012

Finally Jeff is getting the dose of reality he has avoided so determinedly. The best part is that secret little smile Rick enjoys with the thought.