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Jerry Hatfield | Dallas, TX | March 16, 2013

Alex just isn't very likeable on the hormone trip. She's OCD enough under normal circumstances!

Allie | Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC | March 16, 2013

Toggle is a genius.

David Cooke | Issaquah, WA | March 15, 2013

B.D. used to be my least-fave character. He reminded me of my older brother, two-dimensional and violent. Alex used to be my fave character. She was so awesome in the days. B.D. has come right off the page since he lost his leg. He wins the prize for coming the farthest in his journey through life. Meanwhile Alex is turning into my ex. I pity Toggle. First he loses his eye and speech centers to an IED, now he will lose his dignity to this harpy. He deserves better.

Sue Lester | Comstock Park, MI | March 15, 2013

Being pregnant can make you act like a crazy b****. Alex may be trying to make Toggle the source of her anxiety, but she's really thinking "Have I done anything that might have harmed the babies? If something happens to Leo, how will I raise them alone? Babies need adults to take care of them and we're still kids!" She needs to find someone (not J.J, not Joanie, maybe Boopsie) who has kids and can help her think rationally.

Bob | MINNESOTA | March 15, 2013

Today's strip sounds strongly like a '40s movie treatment.

Chris Campbell | Overland Park, KS | March 15, 2013

Frame four today: Wow. Alex really is her mother's daughter.

Victor Field | London, UK | March 15, 2013

What with Toggle/Skye and "Veronica Mars," Kickstarter is having its best week ever.

Dennis Swaney | Oroville, CA | March 15, 2013

Hmmm. Fantasy-wise, Alex and Jeff are definitely related. "Red Rascal" for him, "Paris with the babies" for her.

Pedro Rodriguez-Tirado | New York, NY | March 15, 2013

It is not the hormones. It is not carrying twins. It is hormones, carrying twins with a laundry list of neuroses, and a wild, vivid imagination. and the worst is yet to come. Please, Toggle has suffered enough: PTSD, TBI, losing one-eye, and aphasia. Don’t make him go back to Afghanistan.

Jason Thorn | Phoenix, AZ | March 14, 2013

Welcome to one of the major tests of love for a couple. The questions change, the right answers aren't, and this counts for your overall grade.

Karen L. Hale | San Diego, CA | March 13, 2013

Poor Toggle, he is finding out the hard way that pregnant women can have a lot of fear about things, both imaginary and real. I also think it is worse when you are carrying multiples. It must have something to do with the hormones.

Carol Golliher | Troy, MI | March 13, 2013

Yippee! Toggle is back. He and Alex brighten my day. Best married couple since Darryl and Wanda of Baby Blues, or Amos and Edda of Chickweed Lane.

Allie | Gettysburg, PA | March 13, 2013

I'm reading today's strip from our honeymoon, at a party hostel in Budapest. The kids don't eye-roll at us, but I'm more in the 8-track line. I know people who've used Kickstarter. It helps to either have friends, or have a project that goes viral -- which is a little like winning the lottery. Now, if you'll excuse me, the Beatles are popular here and I want to listen to "Eleanor Rigby."

Larry | Honolulu, HI | March 13, 2013

Woah! This is scary. Pregnant, suspicious and all that's missing is a mid-gestation trauma. If Alex starts to track like my ex, we'll all find out what it's like to be part of the entitlement culture. Hold onto your wallet, Toggle!

Phil Konstantin | San Diego, CA | March 12, 2013

Here is a short article about the time I made a small contribution to the strip: Doonesbury, The CHP, And Me.

Daz | SINGAPORE | March 12, 2013

Hey, if you stare at the Mudline for about a minute, when you look back at the rest of the screen it appears all wavy and fun. No more prescription drug abuse for me!

Ed Cherlin | Columbus, IN | March 10, 2013

The Honest Man is the only person who lets us make sense of Scalia's outburst on voting as a "racial entitlement."

Maerzie | Florence, WI & Foley, AL | March 10, 2013

Today's strip, with Jim "Honest Man" Andrews, beats all -- G.B Trudeau always says it like it is! I can't thank him enough for his frankness and courage in trying to protect our democracy.

F. Chester Miller III | Farmington, NM | March 09, 2013

With the splendid new business model, is not a radical and progressive name needed? Walden is, well, so 19th century. How about Hogwarts U? Motto: "Making your fantasy real since 2013."

Pete | Hillsdale,NJ | March 09, 2013

I'm relieved to see that this generation's cliches, such as "It's all good", get properly roasted. Perhaps the language won't decay as quickly as feared.