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Fred | Abilene, TX | July 09, 2012

This is going to be a good week of strips. I will say that you kinda have to be on the downhill side of there to get it and laugh. And, this may be selfish, but we're the only ones who get to laugh.

Cal | San Francisco, CA | July 09, 2012

Today's strip captures perfectly the eerie cognitive dissonance of intrusive memories. Logically, you know where you are. Logically, you know that the things you are seeing in front of you, the sounds you are hearing, even the phantom smells, do not reflect the physical and actual events of the present. Yet, at the same time you are present you are somewhere else. Simultaneously in two places at once. I call it "forgetting where I am." It's hard to explain -- doctors used to ask me, "Are these hallucinations? Fugue state? How can you be seeing things that you know are not real? Maybe you just have an active imagination!" Yet today's strip illustrates it perfectly. Two separate but related realities, separated by years of chronology, suddenly overlap. One is layered on top of the other, simultaneously occupying the same sphere of vision. Even today, nearly eleven years after the Diaz School raid in Genoa, Italy, even a seemingly innocuous trigger, like an action movie on TV, can fill my head with the sound of screaming.

Ben Ezzell | Quilcene, WA | July 09, 2012

Today's strip... Ouch! I think I'm having one also.

Allie | Gettysburg, PA | July 08, 2012

Waitaminute. Roland has kids?

James | Springfield, VA | July 05, 2012

Nice to see Honey again, though it's a little unfamiliar to see her without Duke.

Barry | Collioure, FRANCE | July 03, 2012

I have become a regular at reading the Flashbacks page. It is great to be reminded of decades that sped past. Today I am delighted to see Havoc in two strips looking and sounding ever the same. If he shows up in four or five strips on the same day, like on a slot machine, will there be a Karmic Flash?

Danielle Greene | Minneapolis, MN | July 03, 2012

Honey is back! I was so proud of her when she finally kicked Duke to the curb a few years back, and I wondered what became of her. She seemed like she had so much promise, back when she was a student at Georgetown. I hope now she's more the intelligent, independent woman she always should have been.

Ladycrim | San Jose, CA | July 03, 2012

Add me to the list of people happy to see Honey again! Last week's "Duke and the Dic" flashbacks had me wondering what she was up to.

Yundah | Olivet, MI | July 03, 2012

Honey is back! And she is rising to the top. Her voice is simultaneously naive and acid and she is the perfect character to convey the hypocrisy of Romney's "job creation" claims.

Timothy Savage | Queens Village, NY | July 03, 2012

I am so happy to see Honey again. I've been wondering where she was.

Stephen | Jacksonville, FL | July 03, 2012

Whoa! The return of Honey!

Bernard | Washington, D.C. | July 03, 2012

Hey, it's great to see Honey Huan again! Welcome back, girlfriend!

Mark Suszko | Springfield, IL | July 02, 2012

It seems to me that Roland Hedley was once a semi-decent reporter, long ago in Nixon's day. While he's amusing in his current Fox News job, I hope one day this character finds some professional redemption, finds his way back towards becoming a real journalist again. Or as "real" as TV reporters ever get.

Gary Bielefeld | Owensboro, KY | July 01, 2012

Even though the walls cracked at Monticello, I do believe Jefferson will enjoy his new catch-phrase: "The Dude on the Nickel."

K. Snook | Alberta, CANADA | June 30, 2012

Gosh. I can't wait until this week's strips make it into the "five years ago" section of Flashbacks, making them flashbacks of flashbacks of flashbacks. Or, as I like to think of them, GBT's Möbius Strips!

Allie | Gettysburg, PA | June 29, 2012

That this week's Flashbacks were a flashback I can live with. That it's a dangling thread is making me nuts! What became of Duke and the dictator? Was he sent packing? Executed? Reinvented by Hollywood? I don't know! You decide!

S. LeSourd | San Diego, CA | June 28, 2012

By my count this is the third time you've run this week's strips showing Duke and the deposed dictator fearing for their lives. If you want to criticize the Syrian regime, as I suppose this strip was meant to, don't be lazy. Please draw a new strip.

Editor's Note:

 Regrettably, this week's Flashback strips already appeared as Flashbacks in late March. An error in record-keeping is the culprit, leading us to violate the longstanding policy that no strip appears more than twice. We apologize for the error -- especially to anyone who thought they were having a Flashback flashback.

Bernard | Washington, D.C. | June 27, 2012

I find myself wanting a fourth response to the current Straw Poll. You're darned right I plan to contribute to the next election. On Election Day I plan to zip on my trusty ol' leather jacket, stride into the polling place like the Mighty Power of Democracy Itself, and vote for the candidate of my choice!

Tom | Brisbane, AUSTRALIA | June 26, 2012

In Sunday's strip Trudeau brilliantly distinguishes Mr. Romney from the skill set needed for the job he's applying for. Has a Puritan with the wit of a top nightclub comedian and the political eye of a leading columnist ever drawn a daily cartoon before? Surely not.

Jane Jordan | Tallahassee, FL | June 25, 2012

Oh, come on. We are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Who is Leo's dad? My husband predicted weeks ago that it is Zeke. Saturday's final panel was a teaser, right?