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March 13, 2018

"Women, we love you. We love you. Didn't we surprise them with women during the election?... We got 52%, right? 52. And I'm runniing against a woman."

– Trump, who received 41% of women's votes, speaking to supporters on Saturday

March 12, 2018

"President Moon of South Korea said 'Without Donald Trump, the Olympics would have been a total failure.' That's true. True."

– Trump

March 11, 2018

"The globalists have no answers to freedom. Let them call you racist. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativist. Wear it as a badge of honor...The tide of history is with us, and it will compel us to victory."-- Steve Bannon to gathering of France's far-right National Front party"Maybe [the election meddlers] are not even Russians. Maybe they're Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, just with Russian citizenship...Maybe it was the Americans who paid them for this work. How do I know? I don't know."-- Putin"

March 10, 2018

"Do you think Putin will be going to the Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow -- if so, will he become my new best friend?"

– Trump tweet, June 2013

March 09, 2018

"Nothing. No evidence. No facts... Adam Schiff said there is nothing."-- Sean Hannity on Mueller investigation"He doesn't have a shred of evidence...Wrap this hoax up."-- Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett"Fox is beating everybody. You people have been very fair to me."-- Trump"

March 08, 2018

"You have been the Edward R. Murrow of this whole process."

– Carter Page on Sean Hannity

March 07, 2018

"Believe me, everybody wants to work in the White House. They all want a piece of that Oval Office. They want a piece of the West Wing, and not only in terms of it looks great on their resume. It's just a great place to work."

– Trump

March 06, 2018

"I think it would be really, really funny if they wanted to arrest me because I don't want to spend 80 hours going over emails I had with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone..."

– former Trump aide Sam Nunberg, who told the Washington Post he plans to tear up the subpoena he received from the Mueller investigation

March 05, 2018

"Ultimately, you go to the movies to escape reality."

– Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy

March 04, 2018

"[Xi Jinping] is now president for life. President for life. And he's great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it's great. Maybe we'll have to give that a shot someday."

– Trump at closed-door fundraiser in Florida