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January 12, 2015

"Europe is finished...In Britain...there are actual cities, like Birmingham, that are totally Muslim, where non-Muslims just simply don't go in. And in parts of London there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and actually wound seriously anyone who doesn't dress according to religious Muslim attire."-- Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism on Fox News"I checked whether this was some kind of early April Fool spoof, and then I thought he was talking about Birmingham, Alabama, but then I realized he was just utterly and completely wrong."-- Birmingham's Member of Parliament Gisela Stuart"A complete idiot."-- British Prime Minister David Cameron#foxnews tweets:"The city is now called Birming because Ham is not halal...The local death squads go by the name of Quran Quran...Birmingham has a chain of fast food restaurants called 'Burqa King'...Viewed from above, the M26 spells out 'Death to the West' in Arabic...Nottingham is 99% Jedi..."

January 12, 2015

"These guys had the balls of the Eiffel Tower. Their balls were bigger than Gerard Depardieu."

– Bill Maher on the editors, writers, and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo

January 10, 2015

"You have to be careful drinking around me."

– Bill Cosby, to woman in audience at his show

January 09, 2015

"Freedom of expression does not extend to insulting the Prophets of Allah, whatever your views on the events in Paris today."

– Wednesday tweet by British Muslim activist Anjem Choudary

January 08, 2015

"Had he not been so narcissistic, he may still be alive."

– Catholic League president Bill Donohue, on Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier

January 07, 2015

"We all know that one of the things the Senate is best at doing is not doing much. Why don't we get started?"

– Sen. Mitch McConnell

January 06, 2015

"This is a train wreck waiting to happen, and I intend to get the hell off the train before it happens."-- the CIA's chief of interrogations, threatening to quit in 2003 over proposed interrogation methods"The CIA led several detainees to believe they would never be allowed to leave CIA custody alive. One interrogator told another detainee that he would never go to court, because 'We can never let the world know what I have done to you.' CIA officers also harm the children of a detainee...sexually abuse the mother of a detainee, 'cut [a detainee's] mother's throat.'"-- from executive summary of Senate torture report"Where are you going to draw the line?...I have no problem as long as we achieve our objective."-- Dick Cheney"

January 02, 2015

"The most important [project] in the history of humanity."

– Chinese billionaire/impresario Wang Jing, on the Nicaragua Canal

December 30, 2014

"The United States of America is awesome. We are awesome. We've closed the book on [torture], and we've stopped doing it...This administration wants to have this discussion to show us how we're not awesome. They apologized for this country, they don't like this country. They want us to look bad."

– Fox News co-host Andrea Tantaros on Senate torture report

December 28, 2014

"So many people want me to, I'm giving it total consideration."

– Donald Trump, on running for president again