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  • November 19, 2018

    "There must be decorum at the White House."
    -- WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday

    "Little Adam Schitt"
    -- Trump tweeting re House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff two days later

  • November 18, 2018


    -- number of false claims made by President Trump in the second week of October, surpassing his previous one-week record of 133, per "Daniel Dale's Trump Checks" in the Toronto Star
  • November 17, 2018

    Trump, asked by Chris Wallace why he didn't go to Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day: 

    "I should have done that. I was extremely busy on calls for the country. We did a lot of calling... In retrospect I should have and I did last year and I will virtually every other year. But we had come in very late at night and I had just left, literally, the American Cemetery in Paris and I really probably assumed that was fine, and I was extremely busy with affairs of state. Doing other things... But I would have. I would have done it."

  • November 16, 2018

    "Cable television was supposed to be a dying medium. And because of me it's now hotter than it's ever been. But someday I won't be here and it will die like you've never seen. And so will the New York Times -- will die -- and every one of them will just be dead."

    -- Trump
  • November 15, 2018

    "You know, if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card, you need ID. You go out and you want to buy anything, you need ID and you need your picture...The only time you don't need it in many cases is when you want to vote..."

    -- Trump
  • November 14, 2018

    "Almost everything I've ever written I could finish at one sitting. I'm a fast writer. Maybe not the best, but the fastest."

    -- Stan Lee
  • November 13, 2018

    "The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged. An honest vote count is no longer possible -- ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!"

    -- Trump
  • November 12, 2018

    "I don't know Matt Whitaker. Matt Whitaker worked for Jeff Sessions and he was extremely highly thought of and he still is. But I don't know Matt Whitaker."
    -- Trump last week

    "I can tell you Matt Whitaker's a great guy. I mean, I know Matt Whitaker."
    -- Trump last month

  • November 11, 2018

    "There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor...Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"

    -- Trump
  • November 10, 2018

    "That is such a racist question...So insulting to me. It's a very terrible thing you said."
    -- Trump to PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, who'd asked if he thinks identifying himself as a "nationalist" has emboldened white nationalists

    "You talk about somebody that's a loser. She doesn't know what the hell she's doing."
    -- Trump on WH correspondent and CNN analyst April Ryan, who was attempting to ask about voter suppression

    "What a stupid question that is. What a stupid question. But I watch you a lot; you ask a lot of stupid questions...She's very nasty...You've gotta treat the White House and the office of the presidency with respect."
    -- Trump to CNN reporter Abby Phillip, who'd asked if Trump wants acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to "rein in Mueller"