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February 23, 2018

"Many in legacy media love mass shootings... You love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold."-- NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch"[The media and political elite] hate the NRA... Their goal is to eliminate the Second Amendment and our firearms freedoms, so they can eradicate all individual freedoms."-- NRA head Wayne LaPierre"[NRA lobbyist Chris Cox] and the folks who work so hard at the NRA are Great People and Great American Patriots. They love our Country and will do the right thing."-- Trump"

February 22, 2018

"You'd have a lot of people that would be armed, that would be ready. They're professionals, there may be Marines that left the Marines, that left the Army, left the Air Force... You'd have a lot of them and they'd be spread evenly throughout the school... If these cowards knew that the school was well guarded from the standpoint of having pretty much professionals with great training, I think they wouldn't go into the school to start off with. I think it could very well solve your problem."

– Trump

February 21, 2018

"They're spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion."-- Trump on the FBI "We would like our FBI agencies to not be focused on something that is clearly a hoax."-- WH press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders"

February 20, 2018

"If the president wants to come up to me and tell me to my face that it was a terrible tragedy and how it should never have happened, and maintain telling us how nothing is going to be done about it, I'm going to happily ask him how much money he received from the National Rifle Association. But hey ...I already know. Thirty million dollars."

– Parkland student Emma Gonzalez

February 19, 2018

"They are laughing their asses off in Moscow."-- Trump"And the media wins the MVP for their stellar job helping."-- Donald Trump Jr."

February 17, 2018

"Every thoughtful person knows something horrible is going on in American society. Tragedies like this happen for a reason, and it probably doesn't have a lot to do with guns... [The] vital conversation [about what's going on] has been drowned out and made impossible by mindless screeching about gun control... What exactly does that mean, 'sensible gun reforms'?"-- Tucker Carlson"Predictable, frankly insane, and intellectually lightweight."-- Sean Hannity on gun control debate"

February 16, 2018

"Irrespective of efforts that were made by foreign powers, it is the universal conclusion of our intelligence communities that none of those efforts had any impact on the outcome of the 2016 election."-- VP Mike Pence"The intelligence community has neither the authority nor the capability to make such a judgment as to whether there was or was not impact on the election. And we did not say that."-- former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper"

February 14, 2018

"Take everything you've heard and multiply it by 50."

– former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, on working for Trump

February 14, 2018

"If he is not a Muslim we should call him 'President Barry.'"

– CA congressional candidate Antonio Sabato, on Obama

February 11, 2018

"The motto of the Olympics, since 1894, has been 'Faster, Higher, Stronger.' It appears the U.S. Olympic Committee would like to change that to 'Darker, Gayer, Different.' If your goal is to win medals, that won't work."

– Fox News executive editor John Moody, in a column later deleted from the Fox website