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May 23, 2016

"All-over-the-board crazy...A kook...I think he's unfit for office...I do not believe he is a reliable Republican conservative, nor has he displayed the judgment and temperament to serve as Commander in Chief."-- Sen. Lindsay Graham on Trump, Dec 2015 - May 2016"Graham urged GOP donors at a private fundraiser Saturday in Florida to unite behind Trump's campaign."-- CNN report"There hasn't been any change in his position."-- Graham spokesperson Kevin Bishop"

May 21, 2016

"Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment. She wants to take your guns away."-- Donald Trump, speaking to the NRA"You can kiss your guns goodbye...If she could, Hillary would ban every gun, destroy every magazine...and put your name on a government reegistration list."-- NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre"

May 20, 2016

"Four more years of Obama and our country will never come back....Crooked Hillary has zero imagination and even less stamina. ISIS, China, Russia and all would love for her to be president."

– Donald Trump

May 19, 2016

"I'm going to be better to women on women's issues than Hillary Clinton and everybody else combined."

– Donald Trump

May 18, 2016

"It's the biggest thing happening in politics. All over the world, they're talking about it."

– Donald Trump, on his campaign bringing new voters into the GOP

May 17, 2016

"For seven and a half years, this animal we call president -- because he is an animal, okay? -- has surgically and with thought and very smart, intelligent manner, destroyed this country and dismantled the military..."

– Carlos Beruff, FL candidate for the U.S. Senate

May 16, 2016

"I think people just don't care."

– RNC chair Reince Priebus on Trump and women

May 14, 2016


– number of states in which menstrual products are taxed as nonessential goods, according to the latest Harper's Index

May 13, 2016

"For Paul Ryan, Trump is like bad chili."

– Dan Rather

May 12, 2016

"We will be the smart country from now on, not the dummies, okay? Not the dummies, because this is a movement going on."

– Donald Trump