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Funny Pages
Editorial, Lebanon Daily News | Funny Pages | March 25, 2012

We offer this as a disclaimer for content that will be appearing throughout the coming week on our Opinion Page.

You may have caught wind of a controversial series of cartoons from "Doonesbury" creator Garry Trudeau. The issue was a series of cartoons focusing on a Texas law requiring ultrasounds for women seeking abortions.

You can't get much more hot-button than this, especially in the wake of issues like Rush Limbaugh's on-air insults directed at a woman, health-care insurance provision of birth control, the fact that it's Women's History Month and the fact that it's a presidential election year.

Doonesbury Envy?
Dennis O'Neil, ComicMix | Doonesbury Envy? | March 22, 2012

For those of you who have spent the whole of the last week in your local theater watching and rewatching John Carter and so have missed the news cycles, what that scamp Trudeau did this time was to use the platform his strip affords him as a venue for bleak humor about the indignities forced by Texas poobahs – those are male poobahs – on women seeking abortion. Trudeau wasn’t attacking the right-to-lifers per se, but only an unnecessary and humiliating “medical” procedure done down where the stars at night are big and bright...

Why The Syracuse Post-Standard Decided Not To Run Doonesbury

A number of readers (more than a dozen) wrote or called to express disappointment or anger that The Post-Standard chose not to run a couple of #8220;Doonesbury” comic strips by Garry Trudeau last week. Some readers were very thoughtful, some simply called us names...

Doonesbury Strips Were Funny, But Not Appropriate
Mark Russell, Orlando Sentinel Editorial | Doonesbury Strips Were Funny, But Not Appropriate | March 20, 2012

Like a number of other news organizations, the Orlando Sentinel chose not to publish a series of Doonesbury strips that focused on abortion. Specifically, Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau took aim at a 2011 Texas law signed by Gov. Rick Perry that in many cases forces women to undergo an invasive sonogram before they can get an abortion. Women are forced to listen as a doctor describes the fetus. Finally, women have to wait another 24 hours before they can get the abortion...

The Doonesbury Decision
Nancy Barnes, Minneapoli Star Tribune | The Doonesbury Decision | March 20, 2012

The calls and letters that poured in this week were filled with everything from eloquent musings to venomous epithets.

One reader demanded that I resign immediately. Others called me an idiot, or suggested the Star Tribune had been corrupted by conservatives.

The offense last week was the decision not to print five days' worth of Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury" strips dealing with Texas abortion laws...

The Great Doonesbury Abortion-Strip Roundup: From Animations to Aberrations, Here's How Things Shook Out

It was one week ago, of course, that Garry Trudeau first spoke about his then-upcoming abortion-law “Doonesbury” strips, when he told Comic Riffs that for him to avoid the vaginal-ultrasound debate would have been “comedy malpractice.”

Now that (most of) the dust has settled in the cartoon kerfuffle heard ‘round the media-political complex, it’s a fair time to see just how all this shook out...

"You're a Good Friend to the Ladies, Dad"
Emily Bazelon, Slate | "You're a Good Friend to the Ladies, Dad" | March 16, 2012

Garry Trudeau has famously kicked up a fuss this week by using his Doonesbury strip to tackle the ultrasound mandates that states like Virginia and Texas have passed for women seeking abortions. I read an interview Trudeau did in the Washington Post and wondered if he might be up for answering a few more questions. To my fan-girl joy, he said yes. Here is our exchange over email...

Garry Trudeau: Doonesbury Abortion Furor 'Good for Business'
Alexandra Cheney, The Wall Street Journal | Garry Trudeau: Doonesbury Abortion Furor 'Good for Business' | March 14, 2012

Throughout this week, a series of Doonesbury comic strips by Garry Trudeau will discuss the topic of the Texas abortion law, enacted in 2011, that requires women requesting an abortion to submit to an transvaginal ultrasound. According to the law, abortion providers must perform the ultrasound, play the sounds of the fetal heartbeat and show and describe the images. Women can decline to view or hear during the procedure.,.

Civility, Consistency Drive Star-Telegram Decision to Sub 'Doonesbury'
Jill "J.R." Labbe, Editorial Director, Fort Worth Star-Telegram | Civility, Consistency Drive Star-Telegram Decision to Snub 'Doonesbury' | March 14, 2012

The use of caricatures and allusions to make political statements has been around at least since Martin Luther used wood carvings to contrast Jesus driving the money-changers from the temple with the pope writing indulgences while parishioners paid money in tribute...

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Strip Search: Rachel Maddow on Dbury
The Rachel Maddow Show | Strip Search: Rachel Maddow on Dbury | March 13, 2012

Rick Perry more open to probe label than Virginia's ultrasound governor...