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John Goodman To Star In Amazon Comedy Pilot 'Alpha House'
Nellie Andreeva, Deadline Hollywood | John Goodman To Star In Amazon Comedy Pilot 'Alpha House' | February 21, 2013

John Goodman is set to star in Alpha House, one of Amazon Studios’ first six original comedy pilots. Written by Oscar nominee and Pulitzer-Prize winner Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury), Alpha House follows four senators who live together in a rented house in Washington DC. Goodman will play North Carolina Senator Gil John Biggs, a large man with large appetites..

Garry Trudeau Urges 'Stick With Print'; Webcartoonists React
Alan Gardner, The Daily Cartoonist | Garry Trudeau Urges 'Stick With Print'; Webcartoonists React | February 8, 2013

Saturday’s Doonesbury attempted at humor at the current state of newspapers by asking “what happens to comics if newspapers go away?” The strip left the 2nd and 3rd panel blank with the characters stating, “stick with print, folks. This doesn’t have to happen” in the last panel. You can read reader reaction on Doonesbury’s site.

Many webcartoonists took on the question of what happens to comics if newspapers go away by posting the Doonesbury strip with inserted images from their own web comics. Most were well done, but Scott Kurtz depicted one of his characters farting in the blank space of the strip...

LaughTracks: The GoComics Blog | The NRA Blacklist | February 8, 2013
Introducing the Universal Uclick/GoComics NRA Blacklist Class of 2013!...
Doonesbury Creator Garry Trudeau Gets A Live Action Pilot At Amazon
Blair Marnell, CraveOnline | Doonesbury Creator Garry Trudeau Gets A Live Action Pilot At Amazon | December 21, 2012

Over the last two years, the streaming service Netflix has signaled its willingness to jump into producing original scripted series while also resurrecting “Arrested Development” for another season in 2013. However, Netflix may not have the spotlight to itself for much longer.’s production arm, Amazon Studios has announced that it has given greenlights to six comedy projects which will be available free of charge to Amazon Prime members upon completion. Viewer response to the various projects will determine which shows actually go to series.

Among the six pilots are Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau’s “Alpha House;” which will follow four senators who rent a house together in Washington...

Doonesbury Granny Joanie Caucus "Writes" Elizabeth Warren's Democratic National Convention Speech
Maine GOP Chairman Appears In Doonesbury
Steve Mistler, The Portland Press Herald | Maine GOP Chairman Appears in Doonesbury | July 27, 2012

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster says he doesn't know "who" Doonesbury is. However, Doonesbury, or at least its author, Garry Trudeau, knows about Webster and his attempt to tighten voter registration laws.

Trudeau, who has recently waded into the ongoing debate over voter ID laws, mentioned Webster Friday in the second frame of his national comic strip, along with the chairman's infamous quote that Democrats had long used Maine's 39-year-old election day voter registration law to "steal elections." ...

Doonesbury's Cinderella Story: Protest Stamps And Comic Timing
Ashley Bowen-Murphy, Smithsonian National Postal Museum Blog | Doonesbury's Cinderella Story: Protest Stamps And Comic Timing | July 24, 2012

In May 1990, former (temporary) postal service employee Zonker Harris bemoaned an upcoming postage rate increase.  Zonker knew that, even after the five-cent rate increase, “US postal rates would still be among the lowest in the world” [1]. Still, he felt frustrated and “fed up” with the postal service’s rate hikes.

Unlike other frustrated United States Postal Service (USPS) customers, though, Zonker had a ready platform to protest this rate hike.  As a fictional character in Gary Trudeau’s long-running comic strip Doonesbury, Zonker commanded the attention of hundreds of thousands of newspaper readers every day.

Where other comic strips may have used the rate hike for an in-strip gag, Doonesbury asked readers to take the gag to the USPS itself!  The May 20, 1990 strip included two designs in a sheet of nine “negative 5-cent” imaginary stamps...

Weird Medical History, Ripped From The Archives Of Doonesbury
Maggie Koerth-Baker, Boingboing | Weird Medical History, Ripped From The Archives Of Doonesbury | July 19, 2012

My introduction to Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury happened around the age of 8, when I discovered my father's anthology collections. (I was extraordinarily up on early 1970s pop culture for a late 1980s grade schooler.) Reading the new strip and the daily archives is still part of my morning routine. But, given that I was born in 1981, I don't always get all the references. Sometimes, that leads me to discover weird bits pop history. For instance, the strip above ran on July 19, 1977. My first response this morning, "What the hell is Laetrile?"...

Garry Trudeau On The 'Invisible War' Within The Military
Liza Donnelly, Forbes | Garry Trdueau On The 'Invisible War' Within The Military | July 6, 2012

...Since its beginning in 1970, Trudeau’s comic strip has repeatedly been groundbreaking, covering controversial issues in the news.  A screening [of 'The Invisible War"]was arranged for Trudeau and his wife Jane Pauley by their friend General Loree Sutton, who is interviewed in the film.  I was fortunate to interview Trudeau last week via email. The strips about which we spoke are below (don’t miss them).

LD: What brought you to want to write about the military in Doonesbury?

GT: I’ve written about our various military conflicts more or less continuously since Vietnam, but it was during the Gulf War that I first started studying military culture in any detail. I was invited by the commander of a tank brigade outside of Kuwait City to embed in his brigade, and it was that experience that set me on my current path...

Breaking The Cycle Of Sexual Assault In The Military
Garry Trudeau and Loree Sutton, The Washington Post | 'Invisible War' Tactics | July 5, 2012

"The officer bragged to his fellow officer friends that he had 'bagged' me. I got called up to a major's office, and he charged me with fraternization and adultery." — An active-duty Marine, speaking of her rape, in "The Invisible War"

If there is a defining theme in all of the testimony in "The Invisible War," the searing documentary film released last month about military sexual assault, it's betrayal. An estimated 19,000 rapes and sexual assaults took place in the military last year. Every one of them represents a monstrous crime made much worse by the sense of betrayal that accompanied it. That so few victims — just one in seven — report these crimes underscores the utter lack of trust that pervades military culture.

This should be deeply alarming to the armed services, which have professed a "zero-tolerance" policy for years — but have little to show for it...