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  • Read Senator John McCain's Farewell Statement

    Sen. John McCain, The New York Times | September 05, 2018

    The following is a transcript of McCain's statement...

  • I Am Part Of The Resistance Inside The Trump Administration

    Anonymous, The New York Times Opinion | September 05, 2018

    I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations...

  • How Rudy Giuliani Turned Into Trump's Clown

    Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker | September 04, 2018

    The former mayor's theatrical, combative style of politics anticipated -- and perfectly aligns with -- the President's...

  • Trump's Long War With Justice

    Michael Kruse, Politico | September 04, 2018

    He fought the law -- and won. Could he do it again?...

  • The Wildest Things About Trump From Bob Woodward's New Book, 'Fear'

    David Moye, Huffington Post | September 04, 2018

    The book says Trump's behavior is similar to former President Richard Nixon's during his final days in office...

  • On Your Day Off, Learn About The Work Of Others

    Zach Wichter, The New York Times | September 03, 2018

    For roughly five years, The New York Times has profiled people with a variety of jobs...

  • The Village Voice, A New York Icon, Closes

    Tyler Page and Jaclyn Peiser, The New York Times | September 01, 2018

    The Voice was founded as a nickel weekly in 1955...

  • Milton Glaser On Making New Work At 89 And Why 'Retirement Is A Trap'

    Mariana Fernandez, The Observer | September 01, 2018

    "Drawing is not necessary anymore."...

  • The Unusual Success Of The 'Wallace the Brave' Comic Strip

    Glen Weldon, All Things Considered | September 01, 2018

    A boy who is less depressed than Charlie Brown and kinder than Calvin and Hobbes...

  • How To Be Human: The Man Who Was Raised By Wolves

    Matthew Bremner, The Guardian | August 29, 2018

    Abandoned as a child, he survived alone in the wild for 15 years...