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Seed Vaults Protect The World From The Apocalypse -- But What If Doomesday Is Already here?
Marie Haga, The Independent | Doomesday Seed Vault | March 5, 2018

Now the Norwegian government is spending more money to protect the Svalbard bank...

Is This The Beginning Of Trump's End?
Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine | Beginning Of End? | March 4, 2018

Something is stirring...

New Species Of "Indestructible" Animal Found In Surprising Place
Elaina Zachos, National Geographic | Indestructible Animal | March 4, 2018

Discovered in a parking lot in Japan...

Jerry And Marge Go Large
Jason Fagone, The Huffington Post | Gaming The Lottery | March 4, 2018

Gaming the lottery seemed as good a retirement plan as any...

Leaked: Secret Documents From Russia's Election Trolls
Ben Colloins, Gideon Resnick, Spencer Ackerman, The Daily Beast | Kremlin-Backed Troll Farm | March 2, 2018

Substantial new details on Kremlin-backed troll farm efforts...

This Asteroid Will Pass Closer Than The Moon On Friday
Deborah Byrd, EarthSky.org | Closer Than The Moon | March 2, 2018

You can watch the passage of near-Earth asteroid 2018 DV1, live, on March 2...

One Year In, Ryan Zinke's Conservation Legacy Would Make His Hero Scowl
Chris D'Angelo, The Huffington Post | Making Teddy Roosevelt Scowl | March 1, 2018

The interior secretary's critics say he's no Teddy Roosevelt...

Russia Is A Rogue State. Time To Say So.
John P. Carlin, Politico | Rogue State | February 28, 2018

The Kremlin's online activities go far beyond election meddling...

Welcome To The Age Of Climate Migration
Jeff Goodell, Rolling Stone | Climate Migration | February 27, 2018

Climate change is going to remap our world...

Xi Jinping May Be President For Life. What Will Happen To China?
Evan Osnos, The New Yorker | President For Life? | February 27, 2018

China's move to end a two-term limit on the Presidency...