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How Trump Inspired The 'Roseanne'
Joanna Weiss, Politico | Trump & 'Roseanne' | March 27, 2018

The show is trying to bridge America's deepest political divide...

America Takes The Next Step Toward Tyranny
Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine | Trump & 'The Republic' | March 26, 2018

Every now and again I go back and remind myself of the core nattative. I read Plato's Republic again...

Meet The Man Living With Alzheimer's Who Climbs The Same Mountain Every Day
Tim Lewis, The Guardian | Climbing Coniston | March 25, 2018

Sion Jair has climbed the Old Man of Coniston at least 5,000 times

A Dying Southern Town Needed A Miracle. Marijuana Came Calling.
Richard Fausset, The New York Times | Cotton Plant Miracle | March 24, 2018

Marijuana and hope...

Stephen Hawking Had Pinned His Hopes On "M-Theory" To Fully Explain The Universe
Lorenzo Bianchi, The Conversation via Salon | Hawking's M-Theory | March 24, 2018

Hawking is revered for his "M-theory" to explain the universe...

Alone At Sea
Elizabeth Weil, The New York Times | Alone At Sea | March 24, 2018

Kayaking is an absurd form of long-distance ocean travel...

What Trump And Putin Have In Common
Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times Opinion | Finding The Turkey | March 22, 2018

Many years ago...

Grown Men Reading "Nancy"
Dash Shaw, New York Review of Books | Grown Men Reading "Nancy" | March 21, 2018

The appeal of Ernie Bushmiller's comic strip...

It's Time To Worry When Colleges Erase Humanities Departments
Willard Dix, Forbes | Discontinuing Humanities Programs | March 21, 2018

"Discontinuing the following programs is recommended..."...

Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country
Sinan Antoon, New York Times Opinion | Iraq War Bequeathal | March 21, 2018

The invasion of Iraq was a crime...