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Inside The Decade-Long Russian Campaign To Infiltrate The NRA And Help Elect Trump
Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone | Russia & The NRA | April 2, 2018

How Russia worked the National Rifle Association...

Is This Tissue A New Organ? Maybe. A Conduit For Cancer? It Seems Likely.
Jacey Fortin, The New York Times | A Series of Spaces | April 2, 2018

Researchers disagree...

How Did We Let Modern Slavery Become Part Of Our Everyday Lives?
Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian | Modern Slavery | April 2, 2018

Society abhors exploitation but we are complicit...

Earliest Known Human Footprints In North America Found On Canadian Island
Nicholas St. Fleur, The New York Times | Ancient Footprints | March 30, 2018

Big feet. Little feet. Stamped across the shoreline of Calvert Island...

In Handling Of Holocaust Survivor's Brutal Killing, French Jews See A 'Lesson Learned' By Their Government
Cnaan Liphshiz, Jewish Telegraphic Agency | A Lesson Learned | March 30, 2018

Last April, Traore Kobili threw his Jewish neighbor to her death while calling her a demon...

For NRA TV's Colion Noir, Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Lloyd Grove, The Daily Beast | Happiness Is A Warm Gun | March 30, 2018

NRA TV's proud provocateur...

It Was 'Google Before Google'
John Markoff, LA Times | Google Before Google | March 28, 2018

Stewart Brand's vision...

Judd Apatow Insists The World Remember How Important Garry Shandling Was
Kyle Ryan, AVCLUB | Garry Shandling Documentary | March 28, 2018

"Most of modern comedy originated with Garry..."...

Ishi, A Yahi Indian Of California Who Was The Last Of His Tribe, Died 102 Years Ago This Sunday
Meteor Blades, Daily Kos | Ishi | March 28, 2018

He was born about 1862...

Scott Pruitt's Dirty Politics
Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker | Scott Pruitt & Dirty Politics | March 27, 2018

How the EPA became the fossil-fuel industry's best friend...