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Gadhafi's Forces Kill Hundreds During Libyan Protests Sunday
Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press | Gadhafi's Forces Kill Hundreds During Libyan Protests Sunday | February 21, 2011

Security forces loyal to Libya's Moammar Gadhafi unleashed heavy gunfire Sunday on thousands marching in a rebellious eastern city, cutting down mourners trying to bury victims in a bloody cycle of violence that has killed more than 200 people in the fiercest crackdown on the uprisings in the Arab world...

Libyan Forces Again Fire On Residents At Funerals
David D. Kirkpatrick, Anthony Shadid and Mona El-Naggar, The New York Times | Libyan Forces Again Fire On Residents At Funerals | February 20, 2011

Libyan security forces opened fire again Sunday on residents of Benghazi as they attended a funeral procession for the dozens of protesters killed there the day before, and quickly crushed three smaller uprisings in working-class suburbs of the capital, Tripoli. It was the fifth day of protests and violence in what has become the most serious challenge to four decades of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s rule...

Christopher Somerville, Financial Times | Fox-Watching | February 20, 2011

In our basement kitchen on a winter morning, not long after we’d moved to Bristol, I looked up and saw a fox lying on the skylight, right above me. It was curled in a tight circle, muzzle on brush, fast asleep on the warm glass – one of those magical images that stay with you for life. That was the first of many encounters with foxes around the city, spotted in car headlights, under street lamps, by moonlight and window glow, hurrying along pavements and through gardens...

Internet Firms' Valuations Reminiscent Of Bubbles
James Temple, SF Chronicle with Bloomberg | Internet Firms' Valuations Reminiscent Of Bubbles | February 20, 2011

I had the misfortune of standing on the front lines while two Bay Area economic bubbles burst during the last decade, as a reporter covering both the dot-com crash and the real estate meltdown. In the painful and prolonged aftermath of each, the industry, press and observers engaged in a sort of collective confessional, publicly analyzing the mistakes that were made and the lessons learned. And so, when I read about the planned initial public offerings of unprofitable Internet darlings and the 11-figure valuations of companies with, let's say, ill-defined business models, I get a familiar and unsettling feeling...

Clashes in Libya Worsen as Army Crushes Dissent
Anthony Shadid | Clashes in Libya Worsen as Army Crushes Dissent | February 19, 2011

Thousands gathered Friday for a third day of violent demonstrations in Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city, in an unprecedented challenge to the mercurial 41-year reign of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi. Human rights groups said 24 people had been killed across the North African country, though activists say the count may be far higher...

The Education of John Boehner
John Bresnahan & Jonathan Allen, Politico | The Education of John Boehnr | February 19, 2011

It may have looked like chaos at times, but House Speaker John Boehner got what he wanted from a five-day debate on a bill that would cut $61 billion from this year’s budget and set up a showdown with President Barack Obama and Majority Leader Harry Reid in the two weeks before the government runs out of money March 4...

Long Arms Reach for the Rim
Josh Kron, The New York Times | Long Arms Reach for the Rim | February 19, 2011

After decades of civil war, peace has finally settled in southern Sudan. The south will soon declare independence from the north, and with this newfound freedom, the southern Sudanese are beginning to rediscover themselves, reacquaint themselves with all that has been stunted or twisted or buried under the weight of war.Crazy for basketball is part of who they are, or were...


How 480 Characters Unraveled My Career
Nir Rosen, Salon | How 480 Characters Undid My Career | February 18, 2011

After early reports of CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan's attack in Egypt, a number of writers and pundits came under fire for inappropriate comments. Journalist Nir Rosen was among them. A short burst of Twitter responses from Rosen earned him the ire of many, and caused him to resign his fellowship at New York University's Center on Law and Security. Salon asked Rosen to explain what happened...

Bahrain's Military Takes Control of Key Areas in Capital
Michael Blackman and Nadim Audi, The New York Times | Bahrain's Military Takes Control of Key Areas in Capital | February 17, 2011

The army took control of this city on Thursday, except at the main hospital, where thousands of people gathered screaming, crying, collapsing in grief, just hours after police opened fired with birdshot, rubber bullets and tear gas on pro-democracy demonstrators camped in Pearl Square...

Middle East Protests: Live Updates
Matthew Weaver, Haroon Siddique and Paul Owen, Guardian.co.uk | Middle East Protests: Live Updates | February 16, 2011

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