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Koreans to Occupy (Their) Wall Street
Song Jung-a, Financial Times' beyondbrics | Koreans to Occupy (Their) Wall Street | October 14, 2011
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When it comes to demonstrations, Koreans are second to none. The country’s vociferous civic groups and militant labour unions plan to join the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in the US and hold a massive rally this weekend in Yoido, central Seoul, where most major financial institutions and regulators are based...

Insiders Voice Doubts About CIA's 9/11 Story
Rory O'Connor and Ray Nowosielski, Salon | Insiders Voice Doubts About CIA's 9/11 Story | October 14, 2011

Former FBI agents say the agency's bin Laden unit misled them about two hijackers...

The Agony and Ecstasy of Mike Daisey
Daniel Smith, Slate | The Agony and Ecstasy of Mike Daisey | October 14, 2011

Eight days ago, I received a call from the monologist Mike Daisey, whom I’ve been speaking with lately out of an interest in his work. The call was unexpected, and Daisey sounded weary and out-of-sorts. I wasn’t surprised by his mood. Since July of 2010, in cities from Hyderabad to Vancouver to Washington, Daisey has been performing an ambitious and heartfelt work titled The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, and 45 minutes earlier the news had arrived that Jobs was dead...

What the New Deal Accomplished
Michael Hiltzik, Slate | What the New Deal Accomplished | October 13, 2011

651,000 miles of highway. 8,000 parks. The Triborough Bridge. Do conservatives who attack the New Deal actually know what America gained from it?...

Mikhail Gorbachev: We Should Have Preserved the Soviet Union
Fred Weir, The Christian Science Monitor | Mikhail Gorbachve: We Should Have Preserved the Soviet Union | October 13, 2011

On the 20th anniversay of the Soviet Union's collapse, former President Mikhail Gorbachev says the U.S. should have backed his promotion of perestroika, or political and economic reforms. He says that Vladimir Putin is dragging Russia backward...

Tea Party Goes After Occupy Wall Street
Robin Bravender and Kenneth P. Vogel, Politico | Tea Party Goes After Occupy Wall Street | October 13, 2011


The tea party isn’t about to make room for the new protesters on the block.

Big tea party groups have launched an attack against the Occupy Wall Street protests, challenging the line that the anti-corporate uprising is the “the tea party of the left.” Tea partiers and their allies are looking to de-legitimize the protests circulating in the anti-Wall Street crowds, hunting for evidence of union ties, fringe rhetoric and bad behavior — ranging from news of arrests, to recordings of incendiary speeches, to tales of littering, drug use and debauchery...

The 10 Manliest Products
The Daily Beast | The 10 Manliest Products | October 12, 2011

The new diet soda Dr. Pepper Ten claims it's "not for women." From Marlboro to Axe to Levi's Ex-Girlfriend Jeans, see other products that are targeted for testosterone...

Senate Republicans Vote to Kill Obama's Jobs Bill
Associated Press | Senate Republicans Vote to Kill Obama's Jobs Bill | October 12, 2011

United against Barack Obama, Senate Republicans voted Tuesday night to kill the jobs package the president had spent weeks campaigning for across the country, a stinging loss at the hands of lawmakers opposed to stimulus-style spending and a tax increase on the very wealthy...

Occupy Wall Street Continues Long Tradition
Alan Brinkley, Politico | Occupy Wall Street Continues Long Tradition | October 12, 2011

Protests are usually messy, noisy and often confused. But they have produced some of the most important changes in American history — the Sons of Liberty, the abolitionists, the populists, the labor movements, the civil rights movements, the anti-war movements and many others. All were first attacked as rabble and mob rule. But our democracy would be far more fragile without them — seldom more so than during economic crises...

A Year Out of the Dark in Chile, But Still Trapped
Alexei Barrionuevo, The New York Times | A Year Outy of the Dark in Chile, But Still Trapped | October 12, 2011

After his dramatic rescue from a mine last year, Jimmy Sánchez traveled the world, cruising the Greek islands, visiting Britain, Israel, Los Angeles, Disney World — all paid for by people who were moved by the Chilean miners’ story of courage and perseverance. But today Mr. Sánchez, like many of the 33 miners who survived 69 days nearly a half-mile underground, is jobless and at wits’ end...