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Donald Trump In The Post-Weinstein Age
Christina Cauterucci, Slate | Trump In The Post-Weinstein Age | December 5, 2017

What it would look like if all the sexual misconduct allegations against the president had come out today...

Dr. Strangelove Was A Documentary
Fred Kaplan, Slate | The Doomsday Machine | December 4, 2017

Daniel Ellsberg's new memoir, The Doonesday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner...

Trump, Manafort, and Me
Corey Lewandowski, Politico | Let Trump Be Trump | December 4, 2017

An excerpt from Let Trump Be Trump...

How Trump's Tax Triump Could Be His Undoing
T.A. Frank, Vanity Fair | Trump's Tax Triump | December 4, 2017

Giving establishment Republicans the one thing they need to abandon him...

Geraldo Rivera's 1991 Memoir Is A Horndog's Bible Of Workplace Harassment
Erin Gloria Ryan, The Daily Beast | Geraldo Rivera's 1991 Memoir | December 2, 2017

I read it all so you didn't have to...

The Case For Normalizing Impeachment
Ezra Klein, Vox | Normalizing Impeachment | December 1, 2017

Impeaching an unfit president has consequences. But leaving one in office could be worse...

It Started As A Tax Cut. Now It Could Change American Life.
Peter S. Goodman and Patricia Cohen, The New York Times | American Life-Changer | December 1, 2017

The bill has been rushed through Congress with scant debate...

Cartoonists On The Front Lines Of The War On Christmas
Politico Magazine | War On Christmas | December 1, 2017

Donald Trump started fighting the War on Christmas early...

CEO Of HQ, The Hottest App Going: If You Run This Profile, We'll Fire Our Host
Taylor Lorenz, The Daily Beast | Live Trivia App | November 30, 2017

HQ has been called 'the future of TV'...

Inside The Revolution At Etsy
David Gelles, The New York Times | Inside The Etsy Revolution | November 29, 2017

How the short-term pressures of the stock market can transform even the most idealistic of companies...