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Stephen Hawking's Fantastic Vision Of Black Holes May Solve 40-Year Paradox
Ben Brumfield, CNN | Hawking's Vision | August 29, 2015

Want to know what happens after you pass through a black hole?...

Jimmy Carter: Prophetic President
Rick Perlstein, Talking Points Memo | Jimmy Carter: Prophetic President | August 28, 2015

When Jimmy Carter is right he is really, really right...

Eisenhower And History's Worst Cross-Country Road Trip
Sarah Laskow, Slate | Eisenhower's Road Trip | August 27, 2015

It planted the idea in Eisenhower's mind that the federal government could and should making improving U.S. highways a priority...

The GOP's Birthright Citizenship Flip-Flop
Tom Donnelly, Politico | Birthright Citizenship | August 24, 2015

Republicans are divided on birthright citizenship, one of their party's greatest achievements...

The Best Book You'll Ever Read On Catching Flies
Kevin Canfield, The Daily Beast | The Fly Trap | August 23, 2015

The Karl Ove Knausgaard of entymology...

Burning Man
Zach Bell, The Return | Why I Am Going To Burning Man | August 23, 2015

Why I AM going to Burning Man this year. (It has nothing to do with Burning Man)...

Out Of Bethlehem
Louis Menand, The New Yorker | Out of Bethlehem: The Radicalization Of Joan Didion | August 20, 2015

The radicalization of Joan Didion...

The Cult of Joan Didion
Hermione Hoby, The Guardian | Exploring The Cult Of Joan Didion | August 20, 2015

Maybe every writer is doomed to have their tritest sentence become their most-tweeted...

Rewriting Autism History
Elon Green, The Atlantic | Rewriting Autism History | August 19, 2015

Newly discovered documents show how crucial autism research was ignored, perpetuating misinformation about autistic children...

Hilary Clinton Should Ask Herself: What Would Donald Trump Do?
Jonathan Alter, The Daily Beast | What Would Trump Do? | August 18, 2015

Instead of feeling embarrassed for celebrity-slumming at his wedding, Clinton should ponder why he's being seen as 'authentic' and she's considered 'calculating' and 'untrustworthy.'...