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Evolution Works In Fast, Localized, Mysterious Ways
Katie Langin, Slate Wild Things | Localized Evolution | February 9, 2015

When I first stepped foot on California's picturesque Santa Cruz Island, I was in awe. The foxes were tame, the jays were supersized, and the wildflowers grew like trees...

SC State To Hold Commemorative Orangeburg Massacre Events
SC State University | Orangeburg Massacre | February 8, 2015

On February 8, 1968, after thgree nights of escalating racial tension...three students were killed and 28 others injured when S.C. Highway Patrolmen opened fire on a crowd of unarmed protesters...

Harper Lee Lawyer Offers More Details On Discovery Of New Book
Alexandra Alter and Serge F. Kovaleski, The New York Times | Harper Lee Backstory | February 8, 2015

One morning late last summer, Tonja B. Carter was doing some legal work for her prized client, Harper Lee, when she found herself thumbing through an old manuscript...

NYC's Plan For Free, Citywide Wi-Fi
Alex Marshall, Governing.com | Free NYC Wi-Fi | February 8, 2015

Private companies are paying the city $500 million to transform old pay phones into high-speec Internet hotspots...

A Comics Scholar Draws A New One Of His Own
George Gene Gustines, The New York Times Books Review | The Sculptor | February 2, 2015

Scott McCloud's new graphic novel is The Sculptor...

Being Black In 1950s America
Jordan G. Teicher, Slate | Being Black In 1950s America | February 2, 2015

Gordon Parks hadn't been to his hometown, Fort Scott, Kansas, in more than 20 years when he returned there in 1950 as a photojournalist on assigment for Life magazine...

The Trip Treatment
Michael Pollan, The New Yorker | The Trip Treatment | February 2, 2015

Research into psychedelics, shut down for decades, is now yielding exciting results...

A Gorgeous Look At Some Of The Oldest Trees On Earth
David Rosenberg | Some Of The Oldest Trees On Earth | January 30, 2015

Beth Moon's father made an impression on her when he told stories about his childhood learning the names of birds, trees, and flowers...

A Note To My Readers
Andrew Sullivan, The Dish | Andrew Sullivan Stops Blog | January 28, 2015

I want to let you know I've decided to stop blogging in the near future...

The Mormon Church's Gay Rights Charade
Samantha Allen, The Daily Beast | Gay Rights Charade | January 28, 2015

Here’s a simple algebra equation to describe what it’s like to grow up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Take the year, subtract 20, and that’s the year it really is inside the Mormon gerontocracy...