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Before 'The Iliad,' Did Homer Write The World's First Comedy?
Allison McNearney, The Daily Beast | Homer's First Work | September 25, 2017

Homer's very first work -- if Homer actually existed -- is named Margites...

Tim O'Brien On What We Can All Learn From Ken Burns' "The Vietnam War"
Elliot Ackerman, The Daily Beast | Tim O'Brien on "The Vietnam War" | September 24, 2017

How relevant the Vietnam War is today...

Gene Simmons Interview
Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast | Gene Simmons' Vault | September 24, 2017

Why he loves America more than you do...


Does Oil Come From Dinosaurs?
Kenneth Lacovara, Powell's City of Books | Oil And Dinosaurs | September 22, 2017

It's a fun idea, but no...

A Head-Spinning, Hope-Inspiring Showcase Of Art
Holland Cotter, The New York Times | Pacific Standard Time | September 22, 2017

A grand exchange beckons the art traveler...

Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact Of Refugees
Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Somini Sengupta, The New York Times | Report On Refugee Impact | September 20, 2017

Refugees brought in $63 billion more in government revenues over the past decade than they cost...

Treasure Island
Jessamyn Hatcher, The New Yorker | Treasure Island | September 20, 2017

The extraordinary finds of an amateur diving club in Holland...

In The Amazon, A Catastrophic Gold Rush Looms
Chris Feliciano Arnold, The New York Times | Amazon Gold Rush | September 19, 2017

In pursuit of a 16th-century boondoggle: fortunes of gold in the Amazon...

The Queen Of Oversharing
Caitlin Flanaga, The Atlantic | The Best of Us | September 19, 2017

The personal essay may be over -- but Joyce Maynard isn't...

After The Winds Die Down, Larry McMurtry's Houston Trilogy Lives On
Douglas Brinkley, New York Times Book Review | McMurtry On Houston | September 18, 2017

In the Republic of Letters, McMurtry has made Houston matter...