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Michael Herr, 1940-2016
Matt Gallagher, The Paris Review | Micahel Herr, R.I.P. | June 27, 2016

No one could write like Michael Herr. We all tried...

Hieronymus Bosch Died 500 Years Ago, But His Art Will Still Creep You Out
Vicki Barker, NPR Weekend Edition | Hieronymous Bosch At 500 | June 27, 2016

On this 500th anniversary year, there's a massive scholarly revamp of all that is known and thought about him...

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How 'Doonesbury' Predicted Donald Trump's Presidential Run 29 Years Ago
Michael Cavna, The Washington Post | Doonesbury On Trump | June 27, 2016

A strill down the past three decades of "Doonesbury" can read like a road map to the billionaire's 2016 candidacy...

Dbury On Trump
Andrews McMeel Publishing, PR Newswire | Yuge: 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump | June 15, 2016

For 30 years Garry Trudeau has been sounding the alarm...

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