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What Did Donald Trump Say On The Iraq War And When Did He Say It?
Tim Murphy, Mother Jones | Trump On Iraq: A Brief History | September 29, 2016

A brief history...

In "Hitler," An Ascent From "Dunderhead" to Demagogue
Michiko Kakutani, NYTBR | Hitler's Ascent | September 29, 2016

How did Hitler rise to power in the land of Goethe and Beethoven?

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How "Doonesbury" Creator Garry Trudeau Saw Donald Trump's Candidacy Coming A Mile Away
Samantha Storey, Huffington Post | How Garry Trudeau Saw Trump's Candidacy Coming A Mile Away | September 27, 2016

"My first impression? Biggest. A**hole. Ever. Must draw."...

"If Trump wins, I'll miss civilization as we know it."
Michael Cavna, Comic Riffs, WaPo | Comic Riffs Interview | August 31, 2016

"Whatever else this election is about, it's primarily a referendum on mental health..."

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