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  • #@*!

    Peter Baird | Stevenson Ranch, CA | May 20, 2019

    #@*! For the first time in nearly fifty years I'm identifying with B.D. Baby ducks, baby ducks, baby ducks...


    J.C. Charles | Portland, ME | May 17, 2019

    Mike and Zonk are reading the wrong letters. I've been reflecting for months on the subtle nuances in your drawings. I'm amazed you can communicate the poignancy of humanity so accurately. Thank you!


    John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | May 16, 2019

    I quite agree that the deplorable "dudette" disrespectively diminishes "dudess" -- though I like a well-placed solecism as much as the next corrupter of standard usage. For instance, I once heard my daughter exclaim to her mother: "DUDE! MOM!" 

  • BEST

    Dane Winberg | Pueblo, CO | May 16, 2019

    Today's strip, last panel: I love this self-referential humor. This is the best example I've seen in a long time.


    Jim Milstein | Pagosa Springs, CO | May 15, 2019

    Good to see in a recent Doonesbury Classic strip that Zonker is using the proper feminine form of "dude," which, ever since Mark Twain, should be "dudess." It is a deplorable solecism to use "dudette." Some dudesses are large. To squeeze them into a dimunutive like "dudette" is disrespectful.


    David Hallett | St. John's, CANADA | May 14, 2019

    I just realized that Joanie Caucus made her debut on 9/11 (in 1972). A positive moment to hold up against the more negative later associations with that date.


    Steven Miracle | Wadsworth, OH | May 08, 2019

    Good to see the voice of Joan Baez featured on your front page. When Dylan sang "the times they are a-changin'" who knew they'd be changin' toward the Trump era.


    Jahn Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | May 07, 2019

    Poor Mr. Butts. The new kid gets all the attention, so much that Butts doesn't sleep well these days. Not only that, Butts doesn't even get a mention in his own nocturnal production. The Sunday strip is so steeped in irony that we need not fear for GBT's peace-of-mind -- his alter-ego is his sleepless stand-in. It's not ironic that various public-health protectors (FDA, NIH, Surgeon General, et al) refer to tobacco-less vape-products as a "tobacco product." Other adjectives better describe that notion. 


    James Mitchell | Everett, WA | May 06, 2019

    Re MADE ME SMILE. Thanks for your kindness to those of us who faithfully, every Saturday, followed the news from Lake Wobegon with another visit to the Vinyl Cafe. You know, if you ever visit Nelson BC, there is a record store with books and coffee that could have been the model for Dave's Record Store. Stuart McLean traveled all around Canada, to all provinces and most of the small towns, bringing Canadians together into a single culture that well could have been pen pals with that tiny town in the fold in the map. I miss them all: Stuart, Garrison, and the daily dose of Doonesbury. Thanks again for bringing Stuart back one more time!


    John Brennand | Maple Ridge, CANADA | May 03, 2019

    Watching Zonker pack before Boopsie calls for help made me smile. Whenever I run into a similar situation I think of a certain character in a Stuart McLean* story. Sam, a ten year old boy, visits a fortune teller and afterwards tells his best friend Murphy that he can see the future because he’s “psycho”!

    * McLean was a writer, broadcaster and storyteller who had a show on CBC Radio called “The Vinyl Café." Each show featured a story about the family of Dave, Morley, and their kids Stephanie and Sam. Dave is the owner of a record store that is the source of the show's title. Its motto: “We may not be big, but we’re small.”


    Melinda Capozza | Huntington, IN | April 29, 2019

    When the "Take Your Daughter to Work" project was proposed, I'm pretty sure B.D.'s version is not what we had in mind.


    Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | April 28, 2019

    That's not bad quality control; it's great iconoclastic modern art! Well, except for the spelling mistake.


    John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | April 22, 2019

    Monday's and Sunday's cartoons feature narcissism interestingly (cynically?) juxatposed: Ray's projection of himself as Boopsie's supposed "fantasy" -- back to back with the President's self-evident fantasy of his own reflection.


    Keith Barnes | Camden, CT | April 22, 2019

    The "10,000th documented lie" comic is brilliant. How does Trump do it? How does he lie (like a Persian rug) some 10 times a day in public and probably 100 times a day in private? Yes, it's clearly involuntary and automatic -- perhaps a unique hyped-up defense mechanism. Gotta be the product of a genetic flub. Science needs to study him. 


    John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | April 18, 2019

    With the speeding encounter between B.D. and Hollywood agent Sid, GBT has critiqued California Highway Patrolmen in a way that rivals Hitchcock. As a military, law-enforcement-type who happened to marry a "babe," it's perfectly plausible for B.D. to consider that "babes are protected by state charter." That same "lawman" thinks nothing of "stripping Sid of his manhood" for simple speeding, or of threatening physical mayhem using the only power he's got. 


    Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | April 07, 2019

    Today's comic is my life. My adult child keeps bringing home people he's befriended who have... assorted problems. This has resulted in a fair amount of breakage over the years, but so far, knock on wood, no significant theft, if you don't count wine. So, although of course I sympathize with the women in principle, I also see where B.D. is coming from.


    Tim Sierra | Kindlem, INDIA | April 07, 2019

    Perhaps, as stated by Boopsie at the time of her birth, Sam is a reincarnation of Mother Teresa -- although at birth she would have been a pre-incarnation, or a simultaneous incarnation (as Mother Teresa was still alive).


    Michael Matzking | Fairfield, IA | April 07, 2019

    Great segue between yesterday's classic strip – newborn Sam wants to "feed and clothe lepers" – and today's on her helping the homeless.


    Steven Miracle | Wadsworth, OH | April 02, 2019

    The Jewish day begins at sunset, so Trump brilliantly tweeted about April Fool's Day on March 31st in a very savvy effort to gain Jewish voters. His 2020 campaign will apparently be the best ever in the history of the U.S.


    James Mitchell | Everett, WA | April 01, 2019

    Ah'm sorry, but I still miss the former page design and the video clips. There were so many neat little nooks and crannies to poke around in. Guess I'm just getting old. But hey, thanks for bringing some small pieces of humor into this mess of a time!