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  • November 16, 2019

    "America hired Donald Trump to fire people like the first three witnesses we've seen. Career government bureaucrats and nothing more."
    -- Donald Trump Jr.

  • November 15, 2019

    "A pitiful, ignorant, insubordinate gossip with no trustworthy information."
    -- former Trump Russia probe lawyer John Dowd (now representing Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman) on Ambassador Blll Taylor, who testified at Wednesday's impeachment hearing

    "Little Shifty Schiff. He's got the little 10-inch neck. 'What size shirts do you need, Adam?' 'I wear a size nine.' Nine. He will not make the LSU football team, that I can tell you."
    -- Trump, at a rally last night


  • November 14, 2019

    "You're talking about the witch hunt? It hear it's a joke...This is a sham. And it shouldn't be allowed. It was a situation that was caused by people that shouldn't have allowed it to happen."
    -- Trump, asked about yesterday's hearing

    "They said it's all third-hand information. Nothing direct at all. It can't be direct because I never said it. And all they have to do is look very, very simply at the transcript...This was analyzed by great lawyers. This was analyzed by [Fox News'] Gregg Jarrett. It was analyzed by [radio host] Mark Levin. It was analyzed by everybody. They said that the whole call that I made...was a perfect one."
    -- Trump

  • November 13, 2019

    "You know why I [bash the media]? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you."
    -- Trump, 2016

    "I just told 'em I've gotta come over and see the Fake News. Let's go."
    -- Trump, as he approached a group of reporters last week

    "Everything you are going to see in the next two weeks is rigged. This is a phony show trial...Another fraudulent hoax conspiracy theory. It is another Witch Hunt."
    -- Trump yesterday

  • November 12, 2019

    "Can we just get rid of the judges? Let's get rid of the f***ing judges. There shouldn't be any at all, really."
    -- President Donald Trump, according to Anonymous

  • November 11, 2019

    "The president put forth the transcript. So, everything is in the transcript for the American people. We stand by the transcript."
    -- Ivanka Trump

  • November 10, 2019

    "What evidence do you have that the democratically elected president of the United States should be thrown out of office and removed based on the testimony of people who you hadn't even heard of weeks ago? Answer me."
    -- Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway to NBC reporter Peter Alexander, who asked why Trump claims Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and career diplomat Bill Taylor are "Never Trumpers"

  • November 09, 2019

    "[Candidates] fight like hell for six months, and they're saying horrible things...And the one who loses says, 'I just want to congratulate my opponent. He is a brilliant man, he'll be a great governor or president or whatever.' I'm not sure you're ever going to see me there. I don't think I'm going to lose, but if I do, I don't think you're ever going to see me again, folks. I think I'll go to Turnberry and play golf or something."
    -- Trump

    "Impeachment is like the death penalty for a public official. When you look at the transcript, there's nothing in that transcript that warrants the death penalty for the president."
    -- former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley

    "Everything is in the transcript for the American people. We stand by the transcript. This is protocol."
    -- Ivanka Trump

    "When I run for president in 2024 we would've created so many jobs I'm not going to run I'm going to walk."
    -- Kanye West



  • November 08, 2019

    "They're willing to lie. They're willing to take anybody down for any reason that fits their narrative. They do it to me, they do it to Don, they do it to Ivanka. They do it to my father every single day. Facts do not matter to these people...If it appeases their bosses and the higher-ups in the mainstream media, they'll lie, they'll deceive, they'll fraud."
    -- Eric Trump on reporters

  • November 07, 2019

    "I was watching the other night, the great Lou Dobbs... When Trump took over he said 'Trump is a great president.' Then he said, 'The greatest president since Ronald Reagan.' Then he said, 'No, no. Trump is an even better president than Ronald Reagan.' And now he has me down as the greatest president in the history of our country, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!"
    -- Trump

    "Have a great weekend. The president makes such a thing possible for us all."
    -- Lou Dobbs