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  • October 09, 2019

    "If I hear the president say one more time, 'I made a campaign promise to get out of Syria,' I'm going to throw up. His duty as commander-in-chief, I believe, compels him to act honorably to the Kurds..."
    -- Sen. Lindsey Graham

  • October 07, 2019

    "As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I've done before!)."
    -- Trump

  • October 07, 2019

    "As everybody knows, we've been treated very unfairly, very different from everybody else. If you go over not only history, I mean, you go over any aspect of life, you'll see how unfairly we've been treated. We've done a fantastic job. Everything to me is about corruption."
    -- Trump

    I don't care about politics. I don't care about anything, but I do care about corruption."
    -- Trump

  • October 06, 2019

    "Shorn of its rambling character and in not so many words, this is the essence of what the president communicated...[...]...This is in sum and character what the president was trying to communicate with the president of Ukraine."
    -- House Intelligence Committee's Adam Schiff introducing and concluding his paraphrase/parody account of Trump-Zelensky conversation

    "He is sick!...He wrote down and wrote terrible things, then said it was from the mouth of the President of the United States. I want Schiff questioned at the highest level for Fraud and Treason."
    -- Trump

  • October 05, 2019

    "To show you how dishonest the LameStream Media is, I used the word Liddle', not Liddle, in discribing [sic] Corrupt Congressman Liddle' Adam Schiff. Low ratings @CNN purposely took the hyphen out and said I spelled the word little wrong."
    -- Trump tweet

  • October 04, 2019

    "The media may be even more corrupt than the Bidens..."
    -- Trump

    "China should start an investigation into the Bidens."
    -- Trump

    "Inexplicably and without foundation, [Democrats] choose to hate America."
    -- Trump

    "These are maniacs."
    -- Trump on Democratic presidential candidates

    "Democrats want to steal the election."
    -- Trump on 2020

  • October 03, 2019

    "Believe it or not, I watch my words very carefully."
    -- Trump

  • October 02, 2019

    "This is simply about a phone conversation that could not have been nicer, warmer, or better... It is just another Democrat Hoax!... What is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a COUP...The greatest Witch Hunt in the history of our Country!"
    -- Trump

    "He's giving the country the middle finger."
    -- GOP primary challenger Joe Walsh on Trump

  • October 01, 2019

    "I want Schiff questioned at the highest level for Fraud and Treason."
    -- Trump

    "I wouldn't cooperate with Adam Schiff. I think Adam Schiff should be removed."
    -- Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani

    "If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal."
    -- Pastor Robert Jeffress, retweeted by Trump

    "There's nothing there, but the Democrats say, 'We don't care. We're going to move towards impeachment.' They don't care about the facts."
    -- Rep. Jim Jordan

  • September 30, 2019

    "I'm the real whistleblower."
    -- Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani

    "The president of the United States is the whistleblower."
    -- WH senior policy adviser Stephen Miller