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Welcome to the ARCADE. In an overworked and overstressed world, it's important that the individual's right to waste time is respected. We feel an obligation to do our part, which is why we've created these fine features for you - and gone the extra step of adding a modicum of topical relevance, a degree of social usefulness, and modest elements of hand-eye coordination.

Ask Duke

Can wisdom and entertainment coexist in cyberspace? When is a game more than a game? Does an arcade feature need an introduction? Ask Duke.

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Join the war on chaos by reconstructing these classic Doonesbury images, lovingly shattered so that you can productively channel your need to procrastinate.


Over the years, just by surviving, Doonesbury has generated a flood of rich and varied trivia. Whether you know less about the strip than you wish you did or more than you're willing to admit, CASTMASTER 4.0 is the one place in the world this hard-won knowledge will actually be useful. Enjoy.

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